Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aha moments

OMG it's going to be hot today, it's hot now. 29 degrees celsius is expected...yuck.

I headed out at a little after 9 to the grocery store to pick up some stuff my grocery delivery didn't have plus cupcake ingredients and it felt hot. I did walk home with all the groceries, put them away and then plopped myself down in front of the fan.

Was up a lb this morning which didn't make me happy but I know what went wrong. This week will be interesting because it's been a few months since I've had to fend for myself food wise 24/7.

I was thinking a bit more about goals as I walked this morning. While my end goal is a new wardrobe, there are things I covet that could fall into the goal arena such as the Lulumon gym tote that looks more like a shopping bag and a wireless printer.

I think my new work areas is going to be a snack fest so I must plan myself carefully as I'll most likely be sitting there for the next month and a half - a lot of damage can happen in that time.. Most importantly I need to bring lunch and snacks and another important thing is water. My water intact has suffered greatly.

While I love tracking on daily plate there are technical issues that can make it a little frustrating plus I won't be able to add things during the day so more traditional tracking must come back in play.

I have so much house stuff to do this weekend that a gym visit will be challenging but I am bringing bym clothes to work on Monday even if I'm hauling 36 cupcakes.

Alright that's all I got.


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