Thursday, July 02, 2009

Challenge homework

Kudos to Amy for all the work she's doing on the 15 week Challenge.

Her "Whittle your middle workout" was killer. One note, as I've seen some of the pictures you've all posted, make sure your butt is down during plank, it shouldn't be higher than the rest of your body. If your butt is too high your not truly working the abs to their full extent.

While I've had loads of plank practice due to my trainer workouts, side plank always kills me. Plus the vertical crunches are fairly awkward for me. I did Amy's workout after I took the neighbours dog for an hour walk.

Recipe homework (picture above):

I love quesadilla's but the restaurant version can be super ugly. They use white tortillas and gobs of cheese.

So I make mine with a whole wheat tortilla, today I used the Ezekiel 6:9 version, a spritz of Pam in frying pan. Salsa is super low in calories so you can have more of that and normally I'd have a sliced tomato on the side but I don't have any. If I'm using WW tortillas I use two, the Ezekiel one's are huge so I only used one. I use the Kraft Part Skim Shredded Tex Mex blend. It's lower in fat than the other version. I only use 1/3 of a cup, I find that's enough. Add any lean protein you like or jazz it up with black beans. Depending on what you add it clocks in around 5pts as opposed to the 10-11 of a restaurant version. I like these also because there's super fast.

Not sure if I'll get the Ezekiel tortillas again, they reminded me of birdseed or sesame snaps.

The other day I finally tried the infamous Larabar Coconut Cream Pie bar and .....I don't like it. It seemed weird to me. So H, the next I see you I'll give you my remaining 4 to you. I do have a few other types to try so I'm not writing off Larabar as a whole.
I was also planning to mow the lawn today but rain clouds are forming so maybe I'll put that off until tomorrow.
I offered to walk the neighbours dog again tomorrow. I need to make sure to do an intense workout as I have dinner out tomorrow tonight. While I'll make good choices it's still not the same as eating at home.
Alright that's all I got for today.

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Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

YOU DON'T LIKE IT? That's it, yer fired. LOL. Mail me yer spares...they're hard to get!! :)

In fact, I just bought 4 today!