Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a week...


Extended absence this week as my visit to site was extended a day. I had two days of clothes for a 3 day stay, thank goodness that shower gel can sometimes double as laundry detergent. We do have full washers and dryers at site but it felt wrong to stick four articles of clothing in.

Much has happened this week, I don't need to go to site for the next few weeks as I've been put on a project at home. It was bitter sweet on Wednesday while happy to not have to get up so early for planes I will definitely miss my peeps. However I do feel this break will be better for my waist line as I'm in control of food.

I hit the treadmill on Monday and on Tuesday a co-worker and I went for a walk outside. That lasted until I was being followed by 3 wasps. Then we headed inside and played ping pong for half an hour. OMG I was laughing so hard at the ping pong as it took awhile until we found our groove. A lot of time was spent chasing the ping pong ball including when it landed on the neighbouring pool table while a game was being played.

I cancelled my training session tonight as I was in a meeting all day that I thought would run late. It didn't but I didn't have gym clothes with me. I'm not sure what the weeks ahead will hold for scheduling as I'm expecting the project to be crazy busy.

I did manage to walk around a bit outside but my lord it was hot and uncomfortably so. I find this weather good for my diet as I don't want to eat when it's uber hot. The moment I got home I found a fan. Dinner was quick nachos in the microwave as I couldn't bear turning on anything that gave off heat.

I have promised my coworkers cupcakes on Monday as I no longer have the excuse that I have to get on plane for awhile.

The Wednesday workout will not happen until the weekend that's for sure.

In terms of long and short term goals, I know my long term goal for when I hit goal weight is a new wardrobe. The shorter goals are tough for me. I think I'll go with 5lbs at a time sort of thing as to what will need thought.

That's all I got for today.


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