Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weigh In and finding my inner ninja

Yesterday as I was getting ready to head out to weigh in I was watching a music channel and this video came on.

Here are some snippet from the lyrics:

I read the rules before I broke 'em 
I broke the chains before they choked me out 
Now I pay close attention 
Really learn the code 
I learned to read the map before I hit the road 

Hey yo, I've been high and I've been real low 
I've been beaten and broken but I healed though 
So many ups and downs, roughed up & clowned 
We all got problems, but we deal though 
I'm tryin' to do better now, find my inner peace 
Learn my art form, and find my energy 
When my backs on the wall, I don't freeze up 
Nah, I find my inner strength and I re-up 
Here we go, I know I've never been the smartest or wisest 
But I realize what it takes 
Never dwell in the dark cause the sun always rises 
But gotta make it to the next day 
It's a feeling that you get in your lungs when you run 
Like you're runnin' outta air and your breath won't come 
And you (uh) wheezin', gotta keep it movin' 
Find that extra (uhn) and push your way through it Nobody's gonna see me comin' 

Nobody's gonna hear a sound 

No matter how hard they tryin' 
No stoppin' me since I've found 
My inner ninja 

I've had bad habits but I dropped em 
I've had opponents but I knocked them out 
I climbed the highest mountains 
I Swum the coldest seas 
There ain't a thing I've faced thats been too much for me
That's my mantra for 2013 and finding my inner ninja! This song just spoke to me and I kept thinking about in terms my weight loss journey. I downloaded it from iTunes and must have listened to it 20 times yesterday.

Well this ninja had a good weigh in this week as I was down 2.2lbs. Whoo hoo, I tracked for all 7 days and it wasn't all that pretty either but I documented all of it.

So I'm going to keep that up this week as well. If you're on twitter and looking for a tracking challenge check out #PNPtrackstar, you create your own goal and the amazing Dani came up with it. She's Weight Watchers leader in Boston, I met her a Fitbloggin and she's super positive and fun. I so wish she was my leader. It's called the Progress not Perfection tracking challenge for 8 weeks. It's up to 97 people so far.

The other thing I did yesterday was go see The Hobbit, a little slow in parts but I now have a crush on a Middle Earth Dwarf - Thorin Oakenshield aka Richard Armitage. I've thought the actor was sort of cute but as Thorin,..hubba hubba.

I knew I was going to have pop corn (no butter) but at the last minute I also got a bag of Aero Mint Bubbles, I had full intentions of just having a few and tossing that bag. After 2hrs and 45minutes of movie I ate the whole bag of Aero Bubbles, I stopped at the half way mark of the small pop corn. The damage of the Aero Bubbles was 20 pts. Yeah, awesome so I used weekly points to compensate. Today is sticking to my 27pts. I also survived the 3D, I had a wicked headache after I watched Avatar and thought it might be the 3D apparently not. Though I have to admit I think I prefer the normal 2D.

Though last night it was hard, I was itching for ice cream. I knew I had some mini Haagen Das in the freezer but I muscled through and distracted myself with a cup of tea and read a book. I consider that a major victory for me. It would have easy to just say "screw it, I'm already over" but nope I stopped it in it's tracks. Today is all mapped out and good to go.

On Friday I went to the Running Room to pick up my Brita Resolution 5K Run kit. This picture isn't great as I was trying to show the jacket but it's a nice jacket this year. The back and side panels are all black.

Not sure if I'll wear this one or my other jacket. The weather is looking pretty stable for the 31st and should be no colder then -3c  (without wind chill so could be cooler) and scattered flurries during the day.

I have another conundrum about the Hypothermia Half Marathon on Feb. 9. My training has been non existent with all the snow and holidays. My friend's baby shower is the same day and they do overlap each other. Well the Half starts at 10am, I know if I do it it will be slow race so I'm guessing no later then 3:45hrs. However that would mean I would have to miss the baby shower as I need a ride and they'd all be there by then.

The easy decision would be don't do the half but I'm not leaning that way. I'm leaning more towards do my best from now till then, do the race and then that will fuel me to be even better for the Scotiabank Half in May.

I'm also thinking of doing the Dumbo Double Dare challenge at the Disneyland Half Marathon in August. The Dumbo Double Dare challenge is a 10K on one day and then the Half the next day. It's a popular half so let's see if I can register when it opens.

That's all I got for today.



Jamie @ Running Toward Healthy said...

That song is funny! I think I might download it too! I think I am going to try to find my inner ninja too!

Congrats on the loss this week...I've done really good with tracking too for the past two weeks! I think the more consistent I am, the more I want to make better choices because I know I will have to write it down. Before I would just skip tracking the bad parts.

Bunny said...

Hello Friend!

I love reading your blog! I am so happy to hear you make the choices that make you happy. IMHO, do the half, then, go to the party via cab :) Yes you will be sweaty but OMG, you will be glowing.

Love ya, Happy New Year!