Sunday, December 09, 2012

Well Hello Weight Watchers 360

I finally met the new plan on Saturday and I like it, and my leader is definitely super excited about it.

This is the one who sometimes sounds like Dr. Oz or references things from the 1950s, and can come off as a school teacher.

What I did appreciate about her on Saturday was when she started talking she said many of you have probably heard there are no changes to the plan i.e. points. Then she said you couldn't be more wrong. She referenced past plans where the information packs where big and you had quite a few bit of info to go through. She thinks this plan is more focused. I have to agree.

I know some are confused or don't see the point about the focus on spaces and routines. This is how I see it, we may think establishing routines and prepping spaces (get the candy out of your desk) might just be common sense and while it is to some I bet there's a whack of us that hasn't quite mastered it. Certainly past routines may have caused us to join Weight Watchers. I think I'll benefit from turning some attention back to routines and minding my spaces.

There was a time when I completely rocked the plan and that was all about routine. Life changes and I've lost some of those routines it's time to bring them back.

On Saturday we talked about making packing a snack a routine. Not a bad idea if you hear the call of the donut at 2pm in the office or are wandering the mall and tempted by coffee store after coffee store. Plus it's Christmas Party season so prepping is huge. At camp I'm much better at this as I make sure to pack a healthy snack when I pack my lunch in the morning.

I couldn't resist the new tracker, it's bigger then the old one but it has some additions that were never there before. Every week starts with a Weekly Plan with a place to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plan your workouts for the week, note the routines you want to focus on and an easy check off section for Weekly Points and Activity Points.

The Eat Out and Shop books look pretty expanded as well.

I was disappointed to not see see the Ultimate Weight Watchers 360 Kit, which I've seen on American blogs. Now my meeting is owned by a franchisee that owns all the meetings in Alberta and Saskatchewan and they have a history of not bringing everything to their members. They were a big topic of discussion in the meeting last week and someone said they were from the dinosaur age.

Though I did hear a rumour the kits and Activelink  might be here in January when the plan really launches (New Year's Resolution Season).

Worst case scenario when I got to Portland in June I will definitely find a meeting to weigh in at and maybe pick up stuff we don't have.

I was down .8 this week which totally surprised me as last week was 3 planes in 3 days.

I have 4 days of work until I'm on Christmas Vacation, they will be busy days I'm sure of that but it will be so nice to have a 2 week break. I'm going to spend one week at my Dad's and one week at home. My plan for my week at home is to organize my spaces like go through the cupboards and organize.

So I do hope you all had a great weekend.



BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

oh man you don't have the kits yet either? boo! The kits are pretty awesome. I looked them through at our meeting Saturday and will be picking one up in 2 weeks. The journal when you get it (I hope!!!) is written and developed by Jennifer Hudson's leader. It's suppose to help you get away from the low's where you might not have motivation and to help you keep going. This is all that my leader told us Saturday.

Is there any way you can go to another center not owned by the person who owns your center to get the kits and active link?

Country Life said...

Hi just ran across your blog...I joined weight watchers about 8 years ago I was doing good then life happened and I missed a few then more.....The meeting are monday evenings here I think I will give it a try again next week Thanks