Friday, December 07, 2012

Crazy week comes to an end

I did finally make it back to my normal work location on Wednesday and then I hit the ground running from there. The two days went by so fast and I feel like next week is going to be super busy as well. I go on Christmas vacation after next week and then won't be back till Jan. 1.

I work in an environment that runs 24/7 so there will be people working on Christmas and I can go back to work on Jan. 1 as I'll just get a day in lieu to use another day. I have a strategy behind that, my group should all be back by Jan 7 so that gives me time to get sorted and organized for 2013.

What I do appreciate about work is there are attempts to celebrate all the holidays.

The Santa and the tree are in the main lobby of camp so everyone walks past them at least twice a day. There was also giant inflatable snow man but I didn't get a picture.

Of course I try to do my best to bring cheer myself, this is my office door on Thursday.

Now in my "amazing race" week of being all over the place I forgot my tracker, watch and Nike fuel band on Wednesday when I headed to work so I had two days of checking my wrist.

Today I headed downtown for a meeting and my "manager once removed" meeting. This morning everything got turned around as meetings got rearranged so my coffee with uber boss wound up being lunch on him. I felt really good after that meeting.

I recently got a new boss who couldn't be more different from my old boss so I'm trying to feel the situation out. A few things happened that had me thinking this might be not so fun but it's early days and again don't know this person all that well. Discussion with uber boss had me feeling even better about it though so bring on 2013.

I'm super pumped to go to weigh in not because of the actually weigh in part as it's been a rough week and I didn't handle it well food wise. I'm looking forward to a new plan. I've checked out a bit online and a little disappointed that it looks like Activelink won't come to Canada till 2013 but still happy it's coming. I am thinking of this as a bit of a fresh start, not to discount successes of the past but to keep the train going.

Tomorrow is also an open house for the new C-Train (light rail transit). The west side of Calgary has never had a train, it goes north, south and east so this is kind of cool as it should make trips downtown even faster then the bus and give me easy access further west there's a cool rec centre and market up there. I don't have a car as quite frankly it would be parked in front of my house all the time so I'm cool with transit.

I found an information booklet in my mailbox today as it officially launches on the 10th, they included 2 free tickets too that you can use before Jan. 31. I might check the open house out.

I do hope all of you had a great Friday.


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