Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Routine Disruptions

First off thank you for the comments and twitter conversation on my last post about my leader.

As I said I'll keep going to this meeting for now, when I do get transferred back to Calgary and my routine changes perhaps I'll check some other meetings out. However I do love that group so I'll also hope for an improved leader or perhaps the current one will improve.

I'm pleased that I got a fast response on my email to Weight Watchers Alberta. They won't be offering the Ultimate 360 kit in Alberta and Saskatchewan so not so pleased about that and i can't order one through them either. I also asked about Activelink and there wasn't a definitive answer so we'll wait and see.

I might be looking for a Canadian WW buddy who's meeting has them when they launch here if my meeting doesn't.

Since I figured my meeting wouldn't carry the kit I checked out eBay and there's loads on there at a variety of prices. I'm fairly certain they're $39.99 US in a US meeting. I will be going to FitBloggin in June and it's in Portland. There are a few of us WW bloggers that will go to a meeting there. I couldn't wait till June so I checked eBay for the best price I could find. I wound up paying $59.80 plus $20 shipping US. Some were going for $90 without shipping - crazy. It pays to shop around folks. I was particularly after a kit with the Success Handbook and I heard (not confirmed) that Canadian kits don't have this book. It's on it's way to my house. I'll consider it a Christmas present to myself.

I remember an old leader handing out ribbons at this time of year. Green for if you planned on still losing through the holiday season, gold if you planned on maintaining and red if your plan was to just let it go. I always picked green but it didn't always pan out that way.

If I were to choose a color this year it would be red and green.

This week is red as I'm at my Dad's on an acreage in the middle of nowhere. I also planned to relax this week. Dad will not let me cook and I get all my stubbornness from him. I don't want to disrupt his routine. I am tracking everything though.

Next week when I'm back in Calgary it would be the green ribbon. I don't know if I'll get home in time to weigh in, however I have my book with me just in case. When I'm home I'll go to the gym and be in control of my own food. My gym doesn't have any group classes that week and will be closed for a few days but no harm done there's always outside and DVDs. Goals are shaping in my head right now so when I get home I'll lock them down.

Hope your Monday is going well.


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