Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home and dusting off Wendie Plan

The forecast called for snow in Calgary so I wasn't so sure I'd be coming home today. My Dad and I were keeping a close eye on the weather.

Calgary is covered in snow and pretty packed snow that's morphed into ice. Then add fresh snow on top and shazaam slippery sections. The news was showing fender benders as of 8 am. At first we thought we'd drive back on Sunday then at around 11 am Dad said let's go now.

The trip is about 1 hr and 15-30 min from his house to mine so not too bad. The highways were fine but when we hit city limits it was a wee slick.

As it was after noon when we arrived in the city we opted not to do any shopping as the mall would be a zoo. My original plan was to just go to Walmart but they'd be a zoo too. I just dropped by the local convenience store for milk as I was completely out of that.

Dad went home right after dropping me off so I unpacked and did laundry. Then had nothing planned for dinner so I ordered pizza. Yeah probably not the wisest choice but it's all tracked and points are counted. I guess I'm doing a bit of Wendie Plan this week. Never heard of the Wendie Plan? It's been around for a long time essentially you take your daily points plus weekly points and arrange your week by mixing it up and not eating the same amount of points each day so for example I get 27 pts per day. So on Wendie Plan my week looks like this. You pick what day you want the high point day, that's today for me due to the pizza.

Sunday 27
Monday 37
Tuesday 34
Wednesday 27
Thursday 35
Friday 29
Saturday 47 - 49

The purpose of this was to break a plateau discovered by Wendie for more info go here and you can also read the story on how it all began. Now this isn't endorsed by Weight Watchers it was just someone who found something that worked for them and shared it. In the past I've used it to break a plateau and it worked for me. I'm not looking to break a plateau this week but I'll definitely stick to my base daily points tomorrow. 

It's super cold right now it's -20c/ -4F and with the windchill -26c/-15F. Yes we Canadians are a hearty people. The only plus is it's a dry cold so as long as bundle up you'll be o.k.

However that's not making me super excited about going grocery shopping tomorrow. Before I go grocery shopping I need to meal plan as I will be home for the whole week and I'm bound and determined to see a loss on Saturday. I think my plan will be to plan a few days at a time. My gym is right next door to the grocery store however the gym will be closed on the 24th, 25th and 26th. So maybe I'll plan up to Boxing Day and then plan the last half of the week.

The theme of 2013 is planning for sure.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Saturday.


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Enz said...

We won't be having a white Christmas this year unless we get a freak storm. Temperatures are unseasonally high in the Toronto area.