Monday, December 03, 2012

Slightly different routine today

I worked in the city today as opposed to getting on a plane at 6am.

Instead I was on a city bus at 6am that was remarkably on time (it snowed yesterday which can cause issues).

Stopped off at Starbucks on got a Grande Non Fat Caramel Macchiato and headed into an all day meeting.

This morning I had to put my corporate on meaning dress pants and office appropriate clothing as opposed to my site wardrobe of jeans and t-shirt.

I also put on a full face of make-up which included PUR foundation, Benefit eye concealer, Cover Girl eye shadow, Maybelline eye line, PUR blush and Maybelline clear mascara for brows and Maybelline mascara. At site it's BB cream, under eye concealer, lip balm and some clear mascara for my brows.

I've been at site for 2 years now so it's been a long time since I had to put my corporate on. I think it's been about a year since I've even been in the corporate office for a meeting. Before that I've worked my entire life downtown. First it was retail for 10 years, then an office job for 7 years.

I do know I'll be sent back to Calgary and I'm guessing I might have one year or a little less left a site. I need to rebuild my corporate self. I recently found out the downtown mall offers a personal shopper and style assistant service. I'm totally getting that when it comes time. I despise shopping for clothes and have no clue what works for me. I love shopping for everything else. I love the idea of having help with that.

The all day meeting went stupendously well and I admit I wasn't so sure about that. Lunch was a Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Ollie's which was highly disappointing. Incredibly fatty which turns me right off.

After work I headed to the Bay as I'm in search of a new Christmas table cloth. I tried Walmart on the weekend and they had nothing. The Bay was a mega disappointment as well. I think I might look online. As I was walking to The Bay I saw that a building was in the process of being torn down. Not too long ago I noticed the downtown WW meeting was moved to a church, now I know why as they used to be in that building that's being torn down.

After the Bay I wanted to go to Shoppers to get bus tickets. I walked past a calendar store and decided to check it out. I usually wait to buy calendars till after boxing day as they get cheaper but I noticed last year that this particular store didn't have a great sale last year and it was fairly picked over.

I decided to buy some stuff now mainly for my office now.

The wall calendar and desk page a day calendar are for work, the notebook is my 2013 training book. I love Dilbert, especially the Evil HR Director, have I mentioned I work in HR. I know Dilbert is very popular and the odds of this stuff making it to sale day were seriously slim.

Tomorrow I'm in the corporate office for most of the day and will leave from there for a plane to site. When I get to site I seriously need to do site laundry and that was my day today.

Hope all of you had a super amazing Monday.

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Carla Birnberg said...

I love how DILBERT is kinda old school (like I am :-)) and still popular!