Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking back on 2012 and forward to 2013

It's my last day at Dad's and I head home tomorrow. I adore my father but I'm looking forward to being back in my space and getting back to routine.

I've tracked every day I've been at Dad's but didn't write down points just what we had. As I didn't really have a choice (it's just me and him) I didn't see a point. When I get home then I'll start adding points and tracking properly. I will miss weigh in tomorrow as the plan is to be back in Calgary after the last meeting but I'll go back to weighing myself daily. No scale at Dad's house.

Next week will be dedicated to undoing the damage of this week. It's not that it's been all bad. I've probably had more protein this week then I have in a long time. My butt has been on the couch for a week to. There's too much snow to walk or run outside.

I will technically be spending Christmas by myself but that doesn't bother me I've been thinking of this past week being Christmas.

To be honest I'm kind of over Christmas as I've hit over saturation. Yet I'm planning on going to the mall this weekend. Yeah I know makes no sense at all.

I've been thinking about 2012 and rather then focus on what didn't happen I thought I'd list some highlights.

Going back to Half Marathons - after a 5 year absence I did the Tinkerbell Half in January and The Disney Wine and Dine Half in November.

Sending my raging introvert self out there - that was Fitbloggin for me. Who was I this little blogger to go to this? While I was overwhelmed for the bulk of it, I'm so happy I went. I met some amazing people who inspire me every day. Going to Orlando was kind of big to as that was one week by myself in Disney World.

I just went back and read my New Year's post from 2012. That's one good thing about having a blog as you have a record of all that you've said.

Making new friends both in real life and virtual. I met some amazing people this year.

So now let me look forward to 2013.

I have so often had the goal to get to goal weight. I was watching a morning show where a trainer was giving advice on goals and said to be specific.

Goal #1 - Lose 54lbs and reach 137

I do spend a lot of time by myself in my house and I'm thinking I'm missing out on life a little.

Goal #2 - Get out more and experience things I want to with or without someone to go with me. For example got to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and Cirque de Soleil.

Goal #3 - Continue with half marathons. Now my next one is Feb 9 which I pretty much threw training out the window. There will be no speed goals here. However the next one is in May.

Now I'm going to stop there as it's not good to go to crazy with goals. You want to keep a manageable list.

The next step is to have a plan for each goal.

Goal #1 - I know Weight Watchers works for me. I need to put in more effort. Sort of following is sort of succeeding. I need to track every day, go to my weekly meetings and reward the efforts. I want to reward myself for every 5% loss. My first goal is 181 and for that it will be a mani & pedi at a spa.

Goal #2 - When I get home I'll buy a pass to the Calgary Expo.

Goal #3- in reality this goal goes with goal #1 as well. I need to focus on more cross training. I want to start a yoga practice again. I talk about this but don't do it. Yet I know the benefits. Weight training is a big one to. Let's face it I'm 40 and if I want age gracefully and fighting every step along the way I need to treat fitness like a job.

I have more work to do on plans and i'll write more about that later. I'm going to reevaluate this list quarterly. I need to keep an eye on them to stay on track.

Alright one more goal - to become a maintenance blogger in 2013. I found that on Go Goggy Go's blog and it struck a chord with me.

What are your goals for 2013?


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