Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weight Watchers 360 Kit - it arrived

I have been diligently watching for the delivery of the Weight Watchers 360 kit I got on eBay. I got it on eBay as the owners of the meetings in Alberta and Saskatchewan will not be carrying it and I'm not going anywhere that will carry it for awhile. Yes I can be quite determined when I really want something.

Isn't it pretty. I love jewel tone color so the red spoke to me.

Here's what's in it. A 3-Month tracker, Exercise DVD, What to Eat Now - cookbook, points stickers, collapsible measuring cups, measuring tape, PointsPlus calculator and the Success Handbook.

I admit the thing I was really after was the Success Handbook, written by Jennifer Hudson's leader Liz Josefsburg. It's a collection of things Liz has learned as a leader for 10 years plus the Director of Brand Advocacy. Can you imagine all the things you've heard and learned as a leader for 10 years? Right now I'm reading it from cover to cover and then will go back and do the exercises. I'll share that process with ya. Yes it's a work book as well as a handbook. As I have yet to hear about the Canadian kits not sure if this book will be in there or not. The one thing missing from if I were to buy it at a US location is the skin cover for the points calculator. There are a few to pick from but I'll wait to see if I'm interested in one of those when I get to Portland in June. I don't really take my calculator with me as I use my phone for that so not sure I really need one.

I can definitely use everything else that's in the kit though. I love the pouch itself as I can keep all my Weight Watchers things in there from my weigh in book to the weekly newsletters.

On the weight loss front I've been tracking diligently and definitely see the scale heading in the right direction. This morning I was actually .6 less then my last weigh in two weeks ago.

Tomorrow I have a wee challenge as I'm meeting friends for lunch at Earl's, however I have already scoped out the menu and found some options that will stick with my points.

2 sleeps till my next weigh in.



Enz said...

That kit looks awesome.

Patty said...

Okay you've convinced me to buy it at my next meeting. I've been eyeing it but had not really decided until now.

Wishing you a great new year! :)

Elle said...

The red cover is lovely... this kit is definitely different from the Canadain version... cover and contents, too. Nice score.

TheDailyMel said...

Yay! Glad to see your kit finally arrived. I love your idea of reading through the whole Success Handbook first and then going back to do the exercises. I just started doing the Chapter 1 exercises this week.