Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some leaders need a muzzle

I try to keep a positive attitude on my blog but today I need to rant a little.

I really like my Weight Watchers meeting for 3 reasons: the location, time of meeting and the group who also attends that meeting. The group is awesome as they contribute and inspire. I love the program because I know it works for me.

The leader on the other hand is driving me a little bonkers.

Today we talked about Week 2 of Weight Watchers 360, which was more or less about did we pack snacks or not. Lorraine realized she forgot to hand out stickers last week so we took care of that. Then we went through a recipe (I thought they didn't do that anymore). It was a recipe for crockpot stuffing that would feed a whack of people. There was no nutritional info or points as it would depend on what bread you use. This wasn't a WW recipe.

On a flip chart was a picture of the App. I just updated to the new app the day before.

Lorraine then starts to really bug me.

She picks up the flip chart says she knows nothing about the app then asks who uses it. About 10 people put up their hand. She then starts talking about how she needs to do the meeting as per the guidelines and says she could be audited. If you say things you shouldn't you might have a new leader (I can only hope). She then says she'll continue to push the envelope. In my head I think how? Talk about Dr. Oz or pretend you're a registered nutritionist. Then she says she thinks Weight Watchers is putting more in to technology because it's cheaper "over there". She then said something about hoping the meetings don't stop.

At this point I put up my hand. I said the app is a tool and won't replace meetings. I like it as a points calculator. It's a subtle way to look up points. I also said I tried WW online and it wasn't for me as I need the accountability of someone else's scale.

Not to say WW online isn't absolutely fantastic for others. The success stories talk about meetings and online. As human beings we like choice.

Now what bugs me is if you know you need to talk about the app why not ask someone if you don't use it. The whole point of this is finding what works for you. Maybe someone didn't know about e-tools and the app. I'm not saying it should be the meeting topic but 5min on why people like it would have made sense. As I'm guessing she was supposed to talk about it. If pen and paper works for you awesome (WW also sells journals) tell us why you like it. You like to do it in crayon fantastic. Isn't the point of a meeting to also learn from each other. In a past meeting Lorraine has also said you should only use pen and paper. Insert eye rolling.

If I was the leader I would have asked one of the 10 people who put up there hand. Then maybe broaden it to what tips have others learned to track consistently. If I was a leader my job is to support the plan and to facilitate discussion, not be a school teacher lecturing the class.

At the beginning of the meeting she told us about a "cougar" and much younger husband (i couldn't believe my ears) This is when she started out as a leader. She was working reception and asked the man if his mother was coming next meeting. This was brought up today as an example when sometimes no apology works.

At the end of the day I'll still go to this meeting as the 3 things I like is what I'm focusing on. I sent an email to the owners of my meeting to see if the 360 kits and active link are coming.

Oh I was down .4, now my week of relaxing/retreat begins and Fred the cat totally remembers me.



Patty said...

I left WW in 2011 because of a leader who talked about nothing program related. Yes she'd lost weight on the old WW but she picked up new food/eating neurosis. I came back in 2012 after researching the meeting in my area and going with a leader recommended by friends. It's a world of difference. Congrats on the loss :)

Natasha Collier said...

Congrats on the loss! I haven't been able to go to my regular meeting because our center moved and everything changed.

I don't think that the women who have lost on the old WW shouldn't be leaders (I've given consideration to that) but I think that some leaders have been able to adapt better than others.

My has explained what goes on at her meeting and it is a lot different than our center here. My local center is totally focused on recognition and making sure that people get Bravo stickers. I think that the positive reinforcement helps, but my mom said that her leader doesn't give out Bravo stars.

I've had to deal with leader who aren't super into the technology aspect. I want to scream, "IT'S 2012! PLEASE LEARN HOW TO TURN ON A FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION." So at the meeting when the leader was trying to get the ActiveLink instructional video to work, she was having difficulty doing it from the presentation so she had to put in the DVD. Then it took 15 minutes for her to figure out how to turn the DVD player on. A meeting regular (this was not my normal meeting/normal people) came up to try and fiddle with it, but was as unfamiliar as the leader, she just wanted to "save the day." Anyway, we finally got to watch the video, but I didn't feel like anything was accomplished by it because there had been all of the distraction.

So, I feel ya!