Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1 and the new plan is coming

Ok not an original title but I got to open the first window of my advent calendar. This year I didn't have time to run down to the Edelweiss (German store in Calgary) so I went with a Lindt one that I found in Walmart. My German heritage makes me a chocolate snob. Advent calendars are a apart of my Christmas traditions and I think it's perfectly acceptable to have one no matter how old you are.

It's a very mini Lindt ball and so adorable, I have it sitting on a Mead Fat Lil'  notebook and you can see it just fits between the coils.

Tomorrow I can light the first candle on my advent candles

The above is on my dining table, a very straight forward version.

This one is my absolute favourite and very traditional, the middle piece is one piece of wood that has been carved and when the candles are lit it spins.

In terms of Christmas decorations I didn't put up that many as I'm not home very often. This is the second year I haven't put up a tree. Most of friends and I no longer exchange gifts and I have a super small family so I really didn't see the point.

Instead I just put up what had meaning to me.

My Mom made this for me when I was little, I would never describe my Mom as crafty and I have thought about replacing it but I just can't do it. Maybe next year I'll just add to it.

I saw this tea light holder in a Canadian Tire flyer many years ago and it drew me in. I remember searching high and low in the store for it. I also have a thing for Angels.

So I did head to weigh in today and it was bit a chilly walk. Calgary can get pretty foggy and it causes hoare frost (yes that is what it's called) it's awfully pretty how it coats and entire tree and every branch.

I knew I'd be up and I was but I'm glad I went. It was an interesting meeting as Lorraine revealed that the "new" plan would be introduced next meeting. She called it a conversion and said we wouldn't have to weigh in.

She then asked us what we like about Points Plus. Right off the bat a few people said the "free" fruit, I said I liked that the formula factored in protein, carbs, fat and fibre not just calories.

She also asked us what we didn't like about Points Plus and the majority of comments had nothing to do with Weight Watchers but the franchisees that own the meetings in Alberta and Saskatchewan. For example monthly pass - we don't get it. A charm for your key ring for the Weight Watchers 5K - we don't get it. Pedometers - we don't get it. I admit it's a wee frustrating when you see things on that we don't have access to. One member asked the leader to bring that feedback to the owners as it seems like they are from the dinosaur age.

Now I have iffy feeling about Lorraine as I find she can be a wee preachy. She then launched into a lecture on how it's best to write things down when tracking as opposed to using a computer. My thoughts are use what works for you, some will prefer pen and paper and some prefer the app or tracking on a spreadsheet. Does it really matter as long as it works for you?

Now I did ask her if we'd be getting Activelink and she said wait till next week. That makes me think that it's a possibility, if it wasn't happening why tell me to wait. Now all my Canadian friends keep me posted if you're going to earlier weigh ins next week as I won't be going till Saturday.

Now while waiting for the meeting I started reading "The First 20 Minutes - Surprising Science Reveals  How We Exercise Better, Train Smarter and Live Longer" by Gretchen Reynolds.  Now I'm just at the beginning of the book but so far I enjoy her writing style. I know I'm pretty terrible at posting book reviews but I promise to try.

That's all I got for today, enjoy your Saturday.


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