Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Inner Ninja Training

Well Hello and welcome to 2013!

I was in bed by 9pm last night but the sound of fireworks woke me up at midnight so I wished myself a Happy New Year. I did have a Moscow mule as my new year drink with dinner. Made it with diet ginger ale.

I did not go to the resolution 5K, it was dark and I was not so interested in heading downtown for 6pm especially dealing with new transit and a dark pathway. I think I would have preferred a morning run. Instead I ran 5K tonight to still do my own resolution run.

I flew back to work today so my 5K was on a treadmill. I haven't run in 2 months, yeah total slacker there. You know what I picked up where I left off. I find the more fun the music the more I enjoy it.

I reintroduced stickers on my calendar. One for tracking and one for activity. Oh today was day 4 of tracking for me.

I've been reading "Born to run". It's basically about a writer who tracks down these naturally gifted tribe of runners in Mexico. It's an entertaining read. One of the characteristics of these amazing runners is they run because they love it like when we were kids and would run everywhere. So tonight during my run parts (I run/walk) I focused on feeling loose, light and free.

I also kept telling myself all day that I had a date with the treadmill.

See below for my Garmin results as I'm blogging from the app that puts all the photos at the end.

Right this very moment there's a blizzard outside my window so I think I'll be sleeping with ear plugs. So good to be back North....ok maybe not so much with the blizzard. However I did remember my toque (winter hat).

I hope all of you enjoyed your new year and I wish you all success and good health!


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Enz said...

Way to go on doing your own 5K. I didn't sign up for the Resolution Run this year - not having a car is making life really difficult. I've been doing run/walk intervals on the treadmill and I hate it!!!

I want Spring to come quickly so I can get back to running outside.

P.S. Happy New Year!! Thank you for your encouragement and support this past year :) It has meant a lot.