Friday, November 30, 2012

Face the scale

This has been a crazy week, filled with stress and long hours (averaged 13hrs a day this week), losing a day off today as I had to be in Fort McMurray for a meeting and did not walk in my front door till 7:40pm.

Summoned to work in Calgary for two days next week which also required a monster amount of pre-work. Still need to do a bit of that over the next two days.

Forgot my Weight Watchers tracker on my coffee table and while I could of used the app on my phone I did not. Those 13hr days led to no time in the gym.

Lugged what felt like a 400lb computer bag around today as I wasn't expecting to work in Calgary next week and needed to take my computer with me but did not have laptop backpack with me. I had to beg IT for an extra computer bag.

I didn't follow any of my pre-weigh in habits (all food and drink cut off by 7pm) as I got home late and needed dinner. I also had a cup of hot chocolate with Bailey's as well.

Drank water when I remembered which wasn't as often as it should have been.

You know what I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and just face the scale. Blips happen, no use burying one's head in the sand just face it head on.

Hope your week went well.


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