Friday, November 02, 2012

Where does the time go

This week has flown by and I can't believe I haven't posted since Saturday.  I took the above picture as we were landing. It was so cloudy all you could see was the very top of the mountain range - that's that line in the middle.

I've been crazy busy work wise and all week I've gone in at 6am and left by 6pm or 7pm. The mega project I was working on is now done and I my excel and power point skills are now better then ever.

I managed to track 4/7 days so that's a bit of an improvement of late.

Today I had my physical and did not get any weight comments, the bump I feel on the left side is most likely a rib but my blood pressure is running a wee high.

The doctor told me that can be fixed by eating healthy, losing weight and being relaxed.

Yup, just a reminder to get back in gear and realize that this weight loss journey is not just about vanity but about making sure to live a full life.

I told him I need to get back into yoga and told him about my schedule a half marathon every 4 month plan and he was 100% behind that.

Did blood work and stuff so now the usual drill, if something comes up they call me.

I was super productive today though. My original plan was Dr. Appt, meet friend for coffee, go to Shopper's Drug Mart and then the bank.
I realized when I got downtown that Shopper's opens early so got that done right away, minor heart attack when my debit card was declined but it turns out that was a national bank issue not my debit card was compromised.

Went to Dr appt, got blood work done then texted friend to see where we were meeting. Forgot there was a branch of my bank in the same building as my Dr so got that done while I was waiting for the response from my friend so got all my errands done before meeting my friend.

Oh and I got Bon Jovi tickets while waiting for blood work. Bon Jovi is coming to Calgary on April 2nd and I secured 5 tickets for my friends and I.

Swung by the bookstore to get a new journal.

I have a thing for journals. My chat with my friend was awesome. She talked about getting rid of the negativity and I realized my current journal is filled with too much negativity so tada. I like the cork, it's resilient and renewable a good start to focusing on the positive.

Christmas has hit the mall which feels a wee too soon for me. I remember back in the day when I worked retail the Christmas stuff comes out after Remembrance Day.

I had to take a picture of some Holt Renfrew's decorations as they do Christmas so well.

 How pretty is this

I loved the penguins

On the walk home from the bus frost was falling off trees and landing on my head but I was struck by how striking it was

 The tree from which the frost was falling on my head

My neighbors lilac tree

Had a nap at 3 and then had a very lovely chat with another friend who I haven't seen in ages.

That was my day.

Weigh in tomorrow and my goal this week is to track all the way till I get home from Disney World.

I got to Fort McMurray on Monday and Tuesday, back to site Wednesday, fly home Wednesday night then off to Orlando on Thursday so next weigh in after tomorrow isn't until Nov 17th. I fly home too late on Wednesday to catch that meeting.

What have all of you been up to?


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