Sunday, November 04, 2012

Finally a run & a few of my favorite things

I finally headed out for a run after missing two consecutive weeks of training...yeah not my most brilliant move and one of those weeks was me being unable to breathe through a stuffed nose and fighting a cold.

I had no goal just go for as long as it felt right.

5.18 miles, 1:14:43, 838 calories burned, 14:26 per mile, Avg HR 166, Max HR 186.

As it was my first run in a few weeks it felt a little rough but better then I expected. It was way easier to spot the ice today so that threw off my gait a little which made the run a wee awkward. It got warmer as I was out there then the ice started to melt a little but that caused it to wet ice and after my heel slipped about 10 times I decided to call it a day.

Today I attempted something different hydration wise. I'm not crazy about water bottles around my waist as I feel like I'm wearing an inner tube, the hydration pack was working well but it did add extra weight.

A long time ago I bought a spibelt as I was trying to find ways to carry my iPhone and keys in a non bounce way. The water bottle was on sale so I figured I'd check it out. It just sat for the longest time so today I tried it.

I can honestly say I'll never use it again. I'm not opposed to the hand held water bottle that part I actually liked. What drove me bonkers was the strap kept coming off the bottle. I might keep my eye out for another one hand bottle but with a more secure strap.

I caught a glimpse of the new Oprah magazine and that her favourite things are featured so I thought I'd share somethings I do like.

I'm loving the Yurbuds but I upgraded to the PRO version as it has controls for the iPhone /iPod.

I came across IFitness at the Tinkerbell Expo, after I started using this the Spibelt was retired. I love how it's made out of neoprene and everything inside the pockets stays sweat free. I like the double pocket as my phone can go in one pocket and anything else in the second pocket. At the Tinkerbell expo I got the one that holds two bottles. Disney does such an awesome job with water/ Powerade stations I don't need to carry anything with me.

Nike Lunarglide runners, I normally wear Mizuno for overpronation but I've been reading ChiRunning and trying to focus on a mid foot strike. These have been awesome.

This is my favorite travel pillow ever, it's perfect when sitting in the window seat and resting you head against the side of the plane. The blanket and option to use an inflatable pillow makes it perfect for any situation. I do get on a plane twice a week so comfort is key.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones, love love love these. I can listen to music or watch something on my Ipad and it drowns out all the noise from the plane. Heck I once more them not attached to anything when I was flying commercial so I could sleep. They're pricey. I bought a refurbished pair in Las Vegas a few years ago and if these every die I would buy another pair.

Now let me talk about TV.

I'm absolutely loving Arrow, Last Resort, Elementary and Nashville from the new season.

I didn't list 90 plus things like Oprah but thought I'd share.

Tomorrow it's off to Fort McMurray for a two day course. I packed gym clothes to get another run in on Tuesday and a nice walk in tomorrow.

I didn't pack for Orlando today instead I made my pack list as I do have time to pack when I fly home on Wednesday.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Sunday.


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