Thursday, November 08, 2012

Day 1 - Disney World - so awesome

Well arrived safe and sound. It was snowing like crazy in Calgary when I left so quite happy I was heading to a warmer location. Also happy I had a morning flight as the snow made things worse later on. I forgot that WestJet makes you pay for movies so I watched the updated Upstairs, Downstairs on my iPad.

After 5 hours on a plane I had no interest in trying to find the Disney Shuttle as that would require making my way to another terminal so I grabbed a cab. Not sure if he scammed me by adding $7 to the fair for the tolls. I'll say this about Florida there are a ton of toll booths and random cows. We're driving along the major highway and there are cows with no evidence of a barn or farm house.

Disney World is gigantic. Happy I got a "preferred" room as I wound up in Calypso 1 which is closest to the food court, transportation hub and a pretty big gift shop. Calypso 10 would have been a hike. The check in girl was so cute, it was her birthday today and she gave me a My First Visit pin. I'll be wearing that the whole time. I found the perfect desk Mickey Mouse Christmas tree in the gift shop and I think that's coming home with me. I was hoping to share pictures but they won't download. I will when I get home.

The All Star resorts are the value properties. Happy I got a room not directly across from the pool as that's a wee noisy. My room is in a quiet corner. King bed but no soap and a tiny bottle of shampoo/conditioner. I might run out of shampoo. I did bring some mini bottles with me so we'll see. The travel shower gel I brought is doubling as hand soap for now I'll see if I can track that down in the gift shop. More photos to come when I get back.

I bought a refillable mug for the All Star Music resort. I can fill it with coffee, cocoa, tea, soft drinks for my stay.

The food court has multiple choices. I saw the Mickey waffle irons so that might be breakfast. There are some healthy options. I had breakfast at the airport in Calgary, didn't have lunch and had dinner at my hotel. I found a carb source as I had the spaghetti and meatballs.

The first shuttle leaves at 9:30am to the race expo and I'll be on it. Now tring to maintain MST time so it feels like I'm running at 8 and not 10 on Saturday.

Hope you all had a great Thursday.



Enz said...

Really looking forward to your recap of this one!

Enz said...

P.S. Good luck!