Saturday, October 27, 2012


I've spent the last two days in pajamas just focusing on rest and liquids to get rid of this cold. I've had so many naps and so many cups of herbal tea it's ridiculous. I'm sure becoming a fan of Teavana.

I thought I had dodged the bullet only having mini symptoms until Thursday then it became a full on cold. I realize I'm also an awesome employee by being sick on my days off. It would really suck if I was in camp feeling yucky.

On Tuesday morning I went to the convenience store at camp and got a small pack of Tylenol cold meds, a small bottle of Listerine (best thing I've found for a sore throat), a pack of Tic Tacs and a bottle of orange juice - $22. You only buy things in this store if you have no other option as if I had bought the same things in Calgary probably half the price. I pretty much knew my hotel in Fort Mac was no where near a store. At site we pay Fort Mac prices plus the transportation fees to get it there.

The Tim Horton's is priced like the Northwest Territories, mind you it doesn't bug me as much to pay an extra 30 cents for coffee. It's all about your priorities.

Last night I was debating on whether to go to weigh in and left it to how I felt this morning. I wasn't feeling that great this morning so I opted to stay in bed. I also didn't want to be the sniffly one in the corner constantly interrupting by blowing my nose and that was totally how it was this morning not to mention just being miserable.

I need to be 100% soon as I have a lot to do this week and Disney Wine and Dine is just around the corner.

My training has taken a hit over the past week. Last week's long run was cancelled due to ice. Then Monday I worked late and my workout window passed as I wanted to be back to work super early on Tuesday, Tuesday had to rush to Fort McMurray and then the cold struck.

I fully intend to head out tomorrow as right now I feel way better and I haven't had to blow my nose for a few hours. It might just be walking but we'll see how my body reacts. Then I'm pretty much in tapering mode anyway.

I might head out later tomorrow. I'm not comfortable doing it in the dark in my neighbourhood to simulate the night race, not that my neighbourhood isn't safe but with all the snow and complicated by having to be up by 3:30am tomorrow. I might go early afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning or stick to the morning as I might talk myself out of it by noon.

I have my plan to pretty much stay close to the hotel the first two days I'm in Disney World at any rate. I don't get there till late afternoon on the Thursday so I'll just check in and stay put. Friday will be the race expo then back to the hotel. Then Saturday morning the 5K, then nothing but rest, naps and relaxation till the night race. I won't make the same mistake I did at Tinkerbell wandering around the park forever the day before the race.

I definitely don't have any time goals for this race, I just want to finish in one piece.

So other than that not a lot to report.

Hope all of you are feeling well.


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