Friday, November 09, 2012

Day 2 - Disney World - the race expo

It's so hard to focus on rest when all the attractions of Disney World are at my finger tips. Today I ventured out to the Race Expo to pick up my race pack. ESPN was the location for that. First I had a Mickey waffle for breakfast. I love these.

Craziness but pretty well organized. My first stop was to get my half marathon stuff at HP Field House. This year I got everything the pin and the necklace. They had to put the coast to coast medal band on me right away. I tinkered with it and locked it on, and now it's attached to my wrist till tomorrow night-not smart. There's a second arm band to let me in to the finish party. They also give you a $10 gift card to use at the party. Happy I brought my 2 pocket IFitness pouch. I'm in the same corral as Tinkerbell which is D but I saw someone with an L.

Then I got the 5K stuff with a much faster line. I then hit the Disney merchandise section and bought everything I wanted after my lesson from Tinkerbell - you snooze you lose. It was packed. I got the jacket (it's purple :)).

The Expo was in the Josten's centre also packed. Always shop the expo but don't buy anything until you've scoped it out. I walked by one place that had these socks for $16.95 another booth had them for $13.95. I got some Sweaty Bands and looked at running skirts. Sparkly Skirts had the best selection but nothing I really needed. Running Skirts had the worst selection and no prices so I skipped it.

As I was walking around Jeff Galloway was speaking and just at the moment I walked past him he said something I needed to hear. He was talking about when you hit difficult parts of the race 1. Break the race down in smaller sections I.E 4 mile chunks. 2. When you get tired. Then he said if you run 2min & walk 1min go down to 1 & 1 or 30sec &30sec.

I was a wee tired after walking through the whole expo it's massive.

Then it was back to the hotel for lunch. I'm tracking my food costs as I opted to go without a dining plan I want to see what the end results are.

So far I see one advantage to races at Disneyland - everything is in walking distance. Everything at Disney World is by bus but based on the expo looks really well run.

Now I just chill. I bought one of the refillable mugs that I can use on All Star properties which has been great. Oh I got soap today. The housekeeping is a military operation. Cute thing they do - when the room has been serviced they put a little face cloth animal in your window.

Tomorrow morning is the 5K then another day of rest till the Half.

Talk you you tomorrow



mostlyforward said...

Can't wait to hear about the races!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mostlyforward said...

Can't wait to hear about the races!