Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 6 continued - Disney Hollywood Studios

When I get home I'm going to look for a new camera perhaps via airmiles so free. The iPhone was not designed for action shots. I apologize for some of the blurry photos I've been posting.

I got to Disney Hollywood Studios just before 4pm and there were no lines at all. I arrived just in time for a parade. It was fun the dog from Up! was running around where I was but I wasn't fast enough to get a shot - another example where a camera might have been handy.

I then went to the Indiana Jones' Epic Stunt Spectacular it was very entertaining. They acted out some stunts from the movies while explaining what went in to it. The real Indiana Jones and Karen Allen stunt doubles were in it. The best part was the audience extras as they were pretty funny background villagers.

From there I went to Star Tours as I am a big Star Wars fan. It was good but I have to admit I'm not a fan of 3D. I prefer my onscreen entertainment to be 2D.

Two things I really wanted to check out we're closed :( That was Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show and the Studio Backlot Tour. Alas I think I'll be back more on that further down.

As I wandered around I could pick up parts were we ran through. It looks a lot different filled with people and in daylight. I do remember running past the Tower of Terror and thinking how ominous it looked.

I waited patiently for the light festivities start. I so wish I had shots from when we ran by. They were all lit up and the street was empty. You get the idea from the photos below. It is a sight to be seen and I love the hidden Mickey's.

I do find myself a little park(ed) out after 4 days of parks. I'm now thinking about going to a movie tomorrow (half price compared to home) and spend time at the pool.

As I was having dinner tonight I was thinking how I kind of want to do all of the RunDisney runs. The Disneyland Half is in August which lines up with my "a half marathon every 3-4 months. I might put the Princess Half on the 2014 schedule as that looks like so much fun. If I do decide to do a marathon again ( I did swear never again after Honolulu in 2006) why not a Disney one? Now that wouldn't be anytime soon I want a few years to prep and make sure it's something I want. I do think the Goofy (half marathon, followed by a marathon the next day) would be one heck of a challenge to work towards.

On the bus to the half I was talking to a girl who had done the Vegas Rock n' Roll Half and said it was poorly organized. I have a co- worker doing it this December. That one intrigued me too.

All this time to myself gives me loads of time to think.

Hugs from Disney World.

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