Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 4 & 5 - Epcot & Downtown Disney

Hello again from Disney World

So my blogging app kind of sucks with pictures as they all load at the bottom. This might be a long post but stay tuned for photos at the end.

Yesterday (7 hours after getting back to the hotel after the Wine & Dine Half) I decided to check out Epcot. I knew Sunday would be a zoo so I figured Epcot might not be too crazy. Christmas has definitely arrived at Disney World as there are trees everywhere.

When I was at Disneyland in January I didn't go on any rides as I felt awkward being a solo rider. I promised myself that I would not do that at Disney World. When I got into the park the first thing I came across was Spaceship Earth with no line so I hopped on that. It's a cute journey through our history from caveman to recording information on papyrus to space.

I then made my way to Soarin', this ride is in California Adventure park as well. It said there was a 30min wait. There were a crazy amount of people getting Fast Passes so I figured I could handle 30min. It was far less then a 30min wait. They were placing us to get on the ride and the attendant counted me in with the family ahead of me so when a couple joined our line there was one too many people. I volunteered to step out thinking I could join another line. The attendant asked me to wait for the next ride. I asked her if she was discriminating against me as I was a single rider which made the family behind me laugh and they asked me if I'd like to join their family. The attendant promised me the best seat on the next ride. She was right as I was in the first row sailing over California.

I then went to Living with the Land. Again a 30 min wait and crazy amount of people getting Fast Passes. Again it was less then 30min. This was a slow boat tour of our history of agriculture but the really cool part was it also meant through Disney gardens growing everything from vanilla to tomato trees (yes trees). They even breed fish.

I then toured around the giant lake of the World Showcase and the first thing I see is the Canada section. Nice job on that and I love Haida art. Found it pretty funny that I found a Calgary Flames shirt so far from home. I also went to the Oh Canada circle vision film. You had to stand and Martin Short narrated. It was pretty good but kind of funny that they talked about Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and the "maritimes". No mention at all of Saskatchewan and Manitoba nor the Yukon, Nunavit or the Northwest Territories. The Epcot Food & Wine Festival was still on but I wasn't hungry.

I planned well as the wait for Soarin' was 75min at this point.

On my way out I went to Mission Space and being a solo rider was an advantage in this case as I got to jump the line as you need 5 people per section so I was with a family of 4 who adopted me on the spot. It said 45min for the Orange ride (more intense version of the ride). The Green side is the less intense ride. It was faster then 45min. On this ride your assigned positions on a flight to Mars. I was the engineer. Whoa you felt the pressure of take off.

At this point I had been in the park for 4hrs so I headed back to the hotel with vague thoughts of checking out another park. A 4hr nap happened and I was done.

Today being Remembrance/ Veteran's Day I figured it would be a zoo again so I decided to check out Downtown Disney. Got there early as stores were just about to open.

First place I went was Disney Design- A- Tee. I realized yesterday that the I Did It shirt that I bought at the Race Expo was a small, the hanger said large so totally my fault and it's now a "goal" shirt. So I made one for me, one error on it -it should 21km not 22 but what the heck it's my design.

I then went to Once Upon A Toy. OMG they had a build your own Potato Head extravaganza. I have a collection of Potato Heads that sit in my office. I came so close to making a Tinkerbell Potato Head but then I saw Darth Mash and Sudda Fett. My collection is complete...for now.

I've also been collecting pins from these RunDisney races and this trip I found some fun ones. I didn't know how to display them and thought lanyard not to wear but hang. I found a RunDisney lanyard.

Then it was off to World of Disney, I loved this store in Downtown Disney California and I swear this one is bigger. I got myself a T-Shirt, some ears, a cool lens cloth (as I'm constantly leaving without one) and a shot glass for my collection. Now I was also shopping for others but that's a surprise for them. Oh the light up ears are from Epcot. I figured perfect for the Brita Resolution 5k.

Tonight it's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Hope you had a great day.

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Enz said...

I am in complete awe of you doing another half!!!! Congratulations!!

The Light Up Ears are perfect for Resilution Run!!!