Saturday, November 03, 2012

Runaway Meeting

My walk to weigh in this morning was interesting. We had ice fog so I'd be walking along on what appeared to be dry sidewalk then felt a slip as there were spots of very thin ice. I just resorted to my penguin walk (aka small steps) to avoid a wipe out.

Stopped off at Starbucks first and I love their red Christmas cups, I realize it's just a cup but they're cute. I do love their Peppermint Mocha, that has to be my favorite seasonal drink.

I then headed to weigh in. I was down .2, now normally I wouldn't be jumping for joy on that but then I thought let's see you missed last weigh in, you were sick and you were stressed so I'm quite pleased with .2.

Then I was sitting waiting for the meeting I realized they had coupons on sale so scooped those up.

Then the meeting started. For the past few weeks there was a sub, and of course I missed last week so the regular leader was back. I'm still iffy on her.

She was telling us how the meeting format was changing. Leaders will no longer post a recipe or have a food topic instead they'll focus on "linking". Getting us to talk more then they do and referencing back to the meeting before then go on today the meeting at that moment. Someone mentioned that they've seen some stuff online that the plan is changing a little, I've seen that as well. She told us she couldn't tell us anything but that it was just a tweak and no need to buy new trackers or books. She also mentioned they'd be doing a training on it tomorrow (in Alberta anyway). It should roll out sometime in December.

She started talking about the Garden of Life and linked it to joining WW. The first step is to plant a garden or join Weight Watchers, the 2nd step is to plan your garden or get to know the plan and so on.

Then the meeting went a little sideways when she asked who thinks their goal weight is elusive. I raised my hand as for me I've been chubby my whole life, the goal weight is unknown to me. Then the leader brought up two members who are very close to goal but can't seem to get there and one had talked to their doctor to get sign off on a different goal but the doctor doesn't agree. When she described her story is sounded to me like she might want to get a second opinion but then it went more sideways from there. Someone started talking about why did people have to go their doctor and shouldn't Weight Watchers have someone who can sign that off and then it went into other health care professionals who specialize in obesity.  To me the leader lost control of the meeting a little.

I kept thinking she missed one point when talking about the Garden and weight loss and that was patience. You can't will a garden to grow and you can't will the pounds off. You can't compare  yourself to anyone else. You take care of you just as you take care of a garden. Your body is your body and goodness knows we are all different.

At this point the meeting was running over and I had things to do so I left.

I zipped into Walmart and Safeway just for a few odds and ends as I'm barely home this week. Thankfully the walk home was quite so treacherous as it warmed up a bit.

I should have done housework but I was zonked and still sniffly so I pretty much cleared off the pvr. That still may happen.

Tomorrow I'm heading out for the last longish run before Wine and Dine, my plan is to go for as long as I feel like. I'm conscious I've missed the last two long runs and that Wine and Dine is one week from today.

I hope your Saturday was super awesome.


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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Interesting about the linking back to the last meeting. I am not sure how long we've been doing this at our meeting (in the states) but we usually do talk a bit about the last meeting. Plus last week our leader gave us a homework from the weekly pamphlet and well only 2 people did it. It was just writing down your 10 mins of activity a day.