Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Success Day 2

Back to blogging from my iPad as I'm too lazy to boot up the computer in my camp room.

Let me go back to yesterday.

I went to weigh in and was up .8 which I'll take as admirable after a week at Disney World. This is my starting weight for my Operation Success.

We had a sub leader who was delightful at the start of the meeting she had as all pick a straw.

She then asked us what was the last straw that brought you in to WeightWatchers. Whoa I knew at that moment this would be a good meeting.

We talked about goals external vs internal.

Boy do I know a lot about goals from my job. As I've mentioned before I work in HR and every year we go through goal translation and developmental goals. I've become a bit of a goal whisperer helping coworkers create goals that follow SMART.

S- simple
M - measurable
A- achievable
R- realistic
T- timely

So I was a bit more vocal in this meeting then I typically am. I sit by myself in the back.

I talked about external vs internal. For me an external goal is a carrot like I want to be at goal by my birthday. An internal goal is something that will keep you going including past that "birthday" like I want to lower my blood pressure or cholesterol. It's kind of like frivolous vs serious. I strongly believe you need both.

For me an external goal is to rock a swimsuit with confidence.

My internal goals are to have a positive impact and responsibility for my health. At one point I said I felt like if I don't get this done I'm essentially committing suicide. A little dramatic perhaps but so many diseases are linked to obesity.

My last straw was I knew I couldn't successfully lose and keep off the weight without help. I was tired of dressing for camouflage and being a passenger in my life.

The whole meeting was just an amazing kick off to Operation Success.

I have now tracked for 2 days.

I decide to fly to work tonight as opposed to tomorrow morning as I need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow and this way I can get into the office early.

What was your last straw?

I took that straw home and pinned it on my wall just above my race medal rack.


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