Thursday, August 02, 2012

Not Dead, just tired

Hello my friends,

Apologies for dropping off the face of blogger for the week. It was hard to adjust not being able to have a nap whenever I wanted after a week of doing just that.

Every night I was in bed by 8pm. My eating has been terrible as I was still in vacation mode. I did run on Wednesday but my Garmin 405CX decided not to cooperate so I have no data.

I found out one my friends who is roughly 10 years older than I am might have to have open heart surgery. How freaking scary is that. I've been thinking about that a lot since I found out yesterday.

It makes me realize I'm playing Russian roulette with this lackadaisical attitude I've had lately. I remember being focused at one point and that needs to come back.

So it's time to regroup, remember what's important and just do it.

Promise to blog more often.



Enz said...

Glad you are mostly ok :) It is scary when we start to see mortality in our friends and family. And it is a wake up call. You know what to do my friend.

Chubby McGee said...

Welcome back.

That falling off the blogearth happens to us all.

Relax and get back up on the horse.

You're worth it. Don't focus on the past...just look to NOW and the future. :)


mensa said...

I have just returned from vacation too ... that's when I had my wake up call. Almost at my highest height. I'm tall and can carry the weight to a point, but I realized that my weight is affecting my health with shortness of breath and achey knees so now it's time to do something about it. I think I can see my groove and I'm ready to hop in it. Sounds like you may be pretty close to finding your groove again, too. GOOD LUCK and be careful this weekend.


Enz said...

Favour? Do you have your Nike Mini on your desktop or somewhere you can cut and paste the code? I accidentally deleted mine and Nike doesn't supply the code anymore, but I know if I take someone else's code I just have to change the user name.