Sunday, August 26, 2012

The right fuel

I'm going to call this a duh moment as opposed to an aha moment as I should really have figured this out earlier. My runs are directly impacted by what fuel I put in my body...duh.

I had the BBQ on Friday which was completely off plan then yesterday had another get together with friends and yet again completely off plan so today's run was definitely meh. I more or less put gas in diesel engine. In fact after 3 run intervals my body was not into it so I walked the rest of the way. I am a fast walker.

I was committed to completing the mileage goal no matter the time. Today was 5 miles/ 8 KM.

In total: 5.26 miles, 1:16:13, 656 calories burned, Avg pace 14:29, Avg HR 155, Max HR 176

Funny how today's pace smoked my run/walk pace on the treadmill when I was using the Nike Sports Watch. Today I used the Garmin 601 (satellite). Mind you I have realized I run faster outside then on the treadmill.

During those 5 miles I did have another self talking to about how I will get what I put in. This week will be focused on what I put in from nutrition to training. Last week was rough I'd like to blame hormones as that time of month is always snackapalooza, however I always had a choice.

I can't believe FitBloggin is in less then a month.

Lately my mind has been drifting to the Halloween Howl on Oct 20, mainly because I don't know what to wear. I perused pictures from 2011 and some people dress up, and some don't. I want to dress up because I love Halloween. Once again due to my work schedule I'll miss out on handing out the candy to the kids, mind you I find less and less kids do the traditional trick and treating, so this run is my chance to embrace Halloween.

I'm considering a princess theme with run tutu. I just think that'd be easier to put together. I did see an awesome costume on Pinterest. It was R2D2 made up with a bustier, tutu and little hat - probably better for warmer weather.

I should sign off and get to laundry, but like I said this week is focusing on what I put in.

Hope you have a great Sunday.


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Enz said...

I am so with you.
Eat like crap=run like crap.
No water = no energy to run.

Simple formula - we need to tattoo it on ourselves so we don't forget!!