Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes you need a self talking to

Today is a run day.

Yesterday I talked about how today would be a run day.

Today I didn't feel like running so when I got back to camp I had dinner. My original plan was to grab something to go - intending to run first.

Then on my long walk to my wing I gave myself a mental talking to. I have a half marathon in November, the FitBloggin 5k in September and the Halloween Howl 5K in October. I got to my room, changed and hit the treadmill.

The stats are courtesy of the Nike Sports Watch and foot pod.

3.62 miles
15:35/mi (not sure if the calibration is right but speed was not my priority)
558 calories burned
Avg HR 157

Masterchef was my entertainment during the workout. All in all it felt good.

Next run day is Friday, normally my day off but I have meetings so I need to be organized. My plan now run early as first meeting is at 10am. I have a BBQ Friday afternoon. I'm thinking about doing a drive by weigh in on Friday.

We shall see.

Hope your Tuesday rocked!!



Carla Birnberg said...

get this.
lately thats been EVERY DAY for me, too!


Enz said...

Hey did you ever finish It Starts With Food? What did you think of it?

Did you do the drive by weigh in?