Sunday, August 05, 2012

Insert witty title

I got a little messed up on my days this weekend. For some reason I thought Saturday was Friday well what resulted was I missed weigh in as I thought I could weigh in this morning. I realized that Saturday was Saturday at 10am too late to weigh in. Duh. I think that was because I was downtown on Friday and I associate that with work.

On Saturday my friend and I were taking a road trip to central Alberta to visit a small town called Blackfalds that has a little grocery store that just happens to have the largest selection of Keurig K-cups in North America. Whoa, they carry over 400 different types. I didn't realize there was so many. They even import ones from Holland that look more like tea bags but a handy little attachments allows you to use them in the Keurig.

Well my friend and I pretty much stocked up for the year. I find most stores don't carry a huge selection and my preference are the flavoured coffee. I have ordered online but then pay shipping.

We also went to see Total Recall on Saturday. It's a fun movie, I enjoyed it.

Today I had to run to the mall to pick up ingredients for cupcakes. I'm going to back yard barbecue on Friday so I said bring cup cakes. I will weigh in on Friday before the BBQ, I'm putting it in my iPhone so I don't forget.

Right now I'm watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. I enjoy this show. What I like is the person still needs to live their regular life while focusing on changing behaviours. They still have jobs to work and are surrounded by the same surroundings. On every single episode there comes a time where someone struggles with loss of motivation. The encouraging thing is they re-commit and get back on track. I love that.

I must head to bed soon so not sure I'll last till the end of this episode. I am working tomorrow even though it's a civic holiday as I just had a week off so figured I'd work. It should be quiet so a good day to catch up.

I did buy a planner today and wrote down the training plan for no time goal and for if you've done a half marathon before. It was 8 months ago that I did my last half so I'm not new but I didn't keep up the training either. I'm going to try using this to note how I feel with each workout. Note things that are too long to note in my WW tracker.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday.



Enz said...

I'm watching that too!!!!

Carla Birnberg said...

ooh it's a holiday today for you?

Need to Get ME Back said...

I missed last night's Extreme Makeover!! :( But I love that show too, very inspiring