Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dusting off the cobwebs

That would be the cobwebs of activity.

On Friday I resurrected my half marathon training as it needed to be resurrected. I had thought about going to the gym but realized soon enough that will be a necessity when snow starts so why not enjoy the weather. I decided to go with my new Mizuno Wave Alchemy shoes.

3.14 miles, 43:43, 13:56/mi, 408 calories burned, Avg HR 167, Max HR 187. When I started out I did the walk/run ratio of 1:30-1:30 which is week 3 of the C25K app I have. I did that 4 times and realized it was too tough so I backed up to week 1 - 1 min run and 2 min walk. When I got home I consulted the app and it even suggested I start back at the beginning.

Saturday was off to weigh in and I was down 3.2, whoo hoo and it wasn't a perfect week either. Not that perfect weeks are entirely realistic I could have been a bit more diligent.

My friend was knocked out by the flu so I didn't go to Taste of Calgary instead I reintroduced myself to the gym. Looks like all the renos are done and it's quite nice. I went to Zumba and Iron Reps for the first time in months. I started walking on the treadmill as I waited for Zumba to start. Zumba was ridiculously fun and I once again found myself smiling all the way through, mostly because I was laughing at myself.

Then it was Iron Reps which is super similar to Bodypump classes. You work on one muscle group per song. I really like this workout as it makes weights interesting for me. As it's been months I stuck to beginner weights. Whoa I need to work on upper body. There definitely parts where I could have done more weights like biceps and back.

Total time in the gym 1:59:01, calories burned 737, Avg HR 120, Max Hr 156. I also walked there and back so earned a total of 14 AP

My left foot was sore after this so I elevated it and cleaned off the pvr a little. I treated myself to pizza for dinner as I had no desire to cook.

Today is my long run day but as I'm resurrecting my half marathon training my plan was 4 miles today. I made sure to head out early before it got too hot.

4.41 miles (includes warm up and cool down), 1:02:41, 603 calories burned, Avg pace 14:13/mi, Avg HR 159, Max HR 181. Today I went with the Nike Lunarglide +4.

I blended the chocolate WW smoothie mix, with 1 cup skim milk and 1 TBSP peanut butter in my Vita-mix as my recovery drink/ breakfast. I had a cup of coffee pre run. It was thick and pretty good though next time I might add some water to thin it out.

I've loving the new Garmin

I forgot to mention I finally purchased Road ID.

I opted for the rubber version and extra bands were a buck so I got two extra. Purple and green are my favourite colours and black goes with everything.

The plan for the rest of the week is to keep tracking, run again on Tuesday and add cross training on Monday and Wednesday. Monday will depend on my energy level as it's fly to work day. Right now I'm thinking of walking on the treadmill. Wednesday I want to do a weight workout and I have some options I did record a couple of Iron Reps workouts on my phone, I also have the Harvey Pasternak DVDs in my camp room.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.



Enz said...

I was sweating just reading about your workouts. Considering how much you were walking, your pace is awesome, faster than my mostly running pace!!!

Where did you get your ID bands?

Enz said...

P.S. Which Garmin did you get? I'm thinking of a new one for my birthday in October. I have the 305 but I am finding that it doesn't keep a GPS signal consistently anymore, even though I've put in a new battery as well.

Carla Birnberg said...

Hows the foot feeling??