Friday, August 03, 2012

Re-lighting the flame of motivation

A couple of posts ago I wrote a line that went like this - training for the Olympics of life and that's been in my  head more and more this week.

What all us weight loss/ fitness bloggers are doing to get healthier is something we'll have to maintain for life.

I love the Nike ads "Find your greatness", especially this one.

How awesome is this as so many of us have done races from 5K to marathons where we were not the fastest and even just talked ourselves through it well I know I have. The important part is we all got off the couch and did it. Some think Nike is exploiting this 12 year old kid, but the way I think about it is this, if this kid inspires someone to get up and move well done Nike. The other thing I like about the "Find your greatness" is we are so often our own worst enemy. How about we turn all that negative energy we create into finding our greatness. Might just be crazy enough to work.

Still watching the Olympics whenever I get a chance and I adore a feature on the Canadian CTV broadcast called Superbodies, which breaks down what the muscles and ligaments have to do for an athlete to compete in a specific sport. They've covered things like diving, swimming, rings in gymnastics, beam in gymnastics, rowing and weight lifting. If you can check it out here, this is the Women's 8 rowing but you can see the other ones too.

I think it really is time to retire the Garmin 405CX for now and make use of the Nike Sports Watch, I discovered that Polar makes a heart rate strap that can actually talk to Nike + watch so I ordered that. This will be perfect for camp.

Today was a pretty relaxed day I woke up at 7am, had some water went back to bed and woke up at 10am. Had oatmeal with "high quality" dark chocolate chips, I put 8 chips in the oatmeal and found it to be way to chocolaty so I ate 1/3 of it.

Tonight I went out to dinner with two old team mates and it was lovely to see them.

Tomorrow I'm going run/walking in the morning. I might be heading on an adventure to a very small town near Red Deer in search of a tiny grocery store that sells the most varieties of Keurig coffee in Canada. Normally I order online as I'm a flavoured coffee kind of girl.

I foresee a movie and yet another dinner in there too.

Hope you all enjoyed your Friday!

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Enz said...

I keep meaning to buy a Keurig but then talk myself out of it.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.