Tuesday, August 07, 2012


On Saturday there was a sort of high school reunion. It started on Facebook as we all are in the process of turning 40. The invite was sent to me and I'll admit I was pretty surprised.

I have never been a social butterfly or had gaggles of friends. Even today I have a small group of friends but they are tried and true friends but they are all post high school friends.

I never had any intention of going to this "reunion" as I had no desire to connect with people who I haven't spoken to since high school. I didn't want to compare lives as one does at these events.

In high school I was shy, introverted, chubby and fairly low self esteem. Today I'm shy, introverted, working on the chubby and not as low self esteem. I don't gravitate to large group activities. Heck going to Fitbloggin on my own is not something I traditionally do. I'll have freak out post about that closer to the date. I'm excited to go but also nervous. Mind you going to the Tinkerbell Half by myself is also something I wouldn't do back in high school.

Those who know we really well would describe me as outgoing as once I know you and I'm comfortable I do become more outgoing and confident. Have I mentioned I'm a Gemini?

On Facebook I'm "friends" with a few high school classmates which always surprises me. I never befriend them they befriend me. What surprises me is I always felt invisible so the fact that they remember me is mind boggling.

A few people have posted pictures of the event and it's funny. Some look the same and some look so different.

I like myself better today then in high school. I'm more comfortable in my skin, a little more confident. I know I'm funny and smart. I would rather look forward then back.

Hope your Tuesday was spectacular.



Enz said...

My 25th reunion was last year. I had zero desire to see people I hadn't seen or thought about in 25 years. I have four friends from high school that I never lost touch with who I talk to on a regular basis and love that they are in my life. Then I have those that facebook friended me and I never talk to because we still don't have anything in common!!!

I would so love to go to FitBloggin

Carla Birnberg said...

we shall love fitbloggin :-)


mensa said...

Your post today spoke to me. Especially after my own post today. I was nothing in high school but got the courage to start a committee after we had no 30th reunion. My mission was to reconnect the class. To show everyone ... while things were much different now than back then ... we still had a connection and the ability to renew and make friendships. We had a great 35th, 40th and 45th reunion. The committee that was formed has given me cherished friends as well as knowing so many other classmates. All of this by stepping out of my box of insecurity. It's not all a bed and roses though, I'll grant you that.

marie said...

I am VERY MUCH an introvert and I hang back and watch a room before engaging with people.

You're going to have a great time at fitbloggin. You'll find that so many people are JUST LIKE YOU. People will draw you out and you'll meet fantastic people.

I so wish that I could be there again this year and share it with you!