Thursday, August 16, 2012


Felt like a long week and I realize it's only Thursday.

I flew home yesterday as I had to be in an all day meeting today.

The week started well with tracking. Monday due to flying in later I went to bed instead of the gym. Tuesday was a United Way event so my gym time was spent observing the Minute to Win It. It's so funny.

The scale was heading downward.

Then Wednesday with an hour later flight then normal I had chips on the plane, then I got home and I failed to plan what I was going to have for dinner so I snacked.

Today I had breakfast at home but these all day meetings are killer. You're trapped in a boardroom and at times you're a wee bored so why not snack on the catering. It was another long day.

I had a mini aha moment during the training. My company believes in Operational Discipline and as I looked at the key elements I realized it has more then just work benefits. I started to think of it terms of losing weight and getting fitter. So I changed it to Personal Discipline and it goes like this:

*Change a paper plan into a reality - an action program
*Achieve goals because improvement programs are implemented to their fullest
*Protect yourself from injury
*Ensure quality effort
*Focus on healthy

Tomorrow I can sleep in and then I'm off to the gym for some run/walking and rowing, and maybe the yoga class. We'll see when I get up.

We can do this.


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Deborah Nicholson said...

Hi - I just wanted to say I read your blog and can identify with your struggles. I had a thought today - you know where your struggles are (i.e. meetings) - what you need is an emergency plan. Once I defined where my trouble spots were, that could take me off plan, I wrote out a plan of how I would handle them (when I'm at a meeting that is catered I will ...) and then I carried that paper around with me everytime I went to a meeting so I could reaffirm and practice my new habit. Best of luck and keep up that great attitude you have!