Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 - let the games begin

Back in Calgary safe and sound, and ready to get back in to a routine.

Time to charge all the electronics i.e. Garmin & Nike Fuel.

Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? I admit there were parts I liked - the industrial revolution and the lighting of the cauldron. There were parts I didn't care for like the teen dance party.

I find the games themselves hugely inspiring. It's not all about the winning either. I am rooting my little heart out for Team Canada. Go Canada Go!!!!

For me the inspiration comes from how they win - humbly and graciously, how they handle defeat - again graciously then let it go & focus on the next event and all the work they've put in just to get to the games.

When they had a bad day they still trained. They didn't just train physically but also mentally. When something wasn't working they fixed it.

Hmm some lessons to be learned that's for sure.

I didn't get in to town in time to go to weigh in today. I did get some groceries so I can prepare a healthy lunch to take to work on Monday.

I was walking in Walmart and of course all the back to school stuff is out. I used to love back to school time. Something about a fresh start and new notebooks. I saw all these day timers and it gave me an idea. I think I'll keep a training log. Right now I do note stuff on my WW tracker but I really haven't been paying attention to trends. I would like to have some record of improvement to back and look at.

It's 8 weeks and by weeks I mean weigh ins to Fitbloggin and 15 weeks to RunDisney Wine & Dine Half.

It's time to train for the Olympics of life.

Hope you all had a great Saturday.


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Enz said...

I love that line! "Its time to train for the Olympics of life".