Friday, August 31, 2012

Discipline - Semper Fidelis

I swear the last few days where 48hrs each. Maybe it was because of the full moon.

When I worked in a staffing agency full moons always brought out the rather unusual applicants and scenarios.

At any rate this week has been 4 days of 13hr to 14hr hour days due to a series of late meetings which played havoc with my training schedule. Food wise hasn't been horrendous so that's a plus as I'm dangerous when I'm tired.

Every day ended with me wiped and heading straight to bed, on Wednesday I thought I might be coming down with something but that passed - thankfully.

This morning I was reading my blog roll and I follow a website called Coach Your Mind, subtitle Strength Training for a Mental Game. Today there was a link to a YouTube video put out by SB Nation titled the Core of Sports. Each video features an athlete who encompasses the tenets of the Marine Corp, you know Semper Fi (always faithful). This series focuses more on discipline, mental and physical strength. The most recent in the series features a lacrosse player which I thought was kind of cool. I played lacrosse in high school. There's also one with a professional soccer player and of course a football player.

Watching a few these just reminded me that discipline and strength are an important part of weight loss/ fitness journey. No one is going to do this for me, it's all about what I put in. The important part that still goes along with the Marine theme is support in this case. Support myself with positive thoughts, positive self talk, learn from mistakes and be better.

One learning from this week is I need to book my workouts like meetings. I never miss a meeting and organize my day with my outlook calendar. I need to look at the calendar and also plan the workouts. It's funny I do book my lunch hour in my calendar so I guarantee a break in the day. When I have late meetings, that means a workout in the am. The plan is simple make it work.

This weekend the plan is simple - I need to get organized, like organize my closet, defrost my mini freezer do things that support organization in my life and not bring more chaos. I went to Walmart today and got some closet organizer to tame the jungle of my closet. My downstairs mini fridge needs a serious defrosting and then I can focus on filling it with healthy frozen options which seriously helps my only being home for 3 days.

I even started a FitBloggin pack list and things to do list as I need to have everything ready and sorted. I will not have a lot of time between work and flying to Baltimore.

I hope you all have a pretty fantastic Friday.


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