Friday, August 24, 2012

Look what came

They're here....

The Moo Mini Cards arrived. I ordered them for FitBloggin as that just seemed like a good idea. What's not incredibly clear in this picture is there are little file folders - mine & theirs so that's cool a place to keep cards of others.

 I ordered 400 of them as that was the best deal so not sure how many to bring to FitBloggin but probably lots. I'm new at blogger conferences.

Here is the key design, I'm delighted. As I mentioned before the key spoke to me as my goal is to hit goal at Weight Watchers and receive the gold key plus I intend to buy myself a Tiffany Key to mark the occasion.

Here's the other side, that avatar is on this blog, plus my twitter account. I stuck to my real name, where I'm from, blog address, twitter name and an email account.

I got the purple carrying case but it doesn't hold that many cards so we'll see how that goes. I bought a a little Hello Kitty tin when I was in Vegas and that might work better.

It came with a deal for my friends, hopefully you can read this but the code is 4SEMBT to get free shipping on your first order. I'm pretty sure that is US only as I did order them from the US but my fellow Canadians could probably try it.  

Before FitBloggin I do intend to write an introductory post and maybe even make it a vlog. Not sure at this time.

No drive by weigh in today as my meeting ran late. Tomorrow is looking sketchy as well.

I didn't run today as I had to work. This morning was pouring rain add in people coming down with flu like symptoms around me I didn't want to chance it. 5 miles on tap for either tomorrow or Sunday.

I had a good time at my co-workers BBQ today until the smoke from the smokers outside started to waft indoors. I'm wicked sensitive to smoke so I made my exit.

I did have a wee bit too much to drink...Bacardi Breezer...drink of the devil.

Alas I'm to bed soon. Tomorrow I must bake at a friends house as she has a freezer full of raspberries.

Hope you had a fantastic Friday.



Enz said...

Those cards are a really cool idea! I like the key theme too.

deanna said...

Love your cards...I am off to check out what flitbloggen is.