Friday, August 10, 2012

Changing your dna

Yes it is 2:30 am and I can't sleep so why not blog.

I just watched a few more snippets of Superbodies on CTV Olympics. When I googled it I found that the host Dr. Wells also has a book. I guess they had this feature during the Vancouver winter games too and I never stumbled across it.

So I ordered it last night as I'm such a huge fan of the snippets online. Kinesiology has always been something that intrigues me but I missed that boat in University. I'm fascinated how our bodies respond to exercise and specific training.

On Saturday I'm going to weigh in for the first time in 3 weeks. It won't be pretty as I've tossed the plan out the window for those 3 weeks. No one to blame but myself. To me the important thing is recognizing that and getting the train back on the tracks.

It's time for a reset, the other night I had a dream that a few of us from work formed this fitness support group and called ourselves the avengers. The purpose was to have a personal goal over the next 3 months, share it with each other and encourage each other. Nothing complicated or competitive it was just setting up support. Well I told them about it and a few are interested. I think my subconscious triggered something to keep me focused at work. A camp environment can be challenging when the food is free and there's french fries and a plethora of desserts every single day.

I've also done a poor job of prioritizing the health and the fitness when my job's responsibilities increased. Don't get me wrong I love that this happened with the job. I just to prioritize the life part not just the work part.

My other plan to getting back on track is to go back to what's worked in the past. For me that's letting my inner data junkie rule. When I maintain spreadsheets and get intrigued with how things work (maybe this Superbodies thing has created a spark) I get more focused.

Focus is what I've been severely lacking lately. Tomorrow I do need to head into work for a short meeting so I should probably try to get some more sleep.

Hope you all had a great Friday!


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