Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gaintaining - not anymore

I was reading my blog roll this morning and was reading Jack Sh*t's blog. A term he used totally hit home - gaintaining. That's exactly what I've been doing, not maintaining but gaintaining.

This week's weigh in struck straight to the heart - up 3.4 lbs. So that's a little over a pound per week.

Every time I go to my Dad's house I'll see some sort of gain as my routine is completely off, but in the past I just would get right back on plan when I got home. That didn't happen this time, instead I kept my "vacation mentality" rolling. In fact pretty much since Tinkerbell I haven't been 100%. Sometimes 90%, 50% or 10%. Consistency hasn't been my strong suit.

Well not anymore.

This has just proven to me that I'm dangerous on my own. The other day I actually had the thought maybe I should try online WW again. The last time I did that was a disaster and not for me. I need structure and I need to weigh in weekly on someone else's scale. The accountability of that scale at my WW meeting helps tremendously.

At the meeting yesterday I discovered the leader that I'm iffy about is not the leader anymore. There is now a leader from the U.K who I guess recently moved to Alberta. She's pretty funny which I enjoy. She is heading back to the U.K for a few weeks and iffy leader is her sub. Next week I plan to weigh in on Friday.

The meeting itself was pretty empty and I'm thinking there are a few others in vacation mode. I'm super curious if the Canadian meetings will be getting this Activelink I keep hearing about from US WW people.

Nike has a challenge going on today: Find Your Greatness. The goal to make it the most active day in Nike+ history. I'll be heading out shortly with my Nike Fuel Band and Nike Sports Watch to make my contribution. Then later it will be mowing the lawn which earns some Nike Fuel as well.

I signed up for the JumpSport fitness trampoline event at Fitbloggin', I figured this is a good opportunity to try new things.

I'm not giving up instead I will shake myself off, get back up and go forward.



Enz said...

I was considering going to FitBloggin', I have a credit for a plane ticket so it would have helped quite a bit, but now with this uncertainty about work, I can't afford to spend any extra money. Maybe we can plan to go together next year?

Carla Birnberg said...

I wonder if as awkward at it there as I am at home?! :)