Saturday, September 01, 2012

Back to the weights

Sort of a fuzzy picture as I was sitting in the last row of my WW meeting. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit. 

Another quote on the board today said "Habits are cobwebs first, cables last" 

I was up .8 today but I'm not disappointed. I missed last Saturday's weigh in because I went to a BBQ Friday night so I knew I'd see a gain. That's why my original plan was to weigh in the day before  In retrospect a really dumb idea. What I should have done is gone to that BBQ with a plan knowing I had to weigh in the next day. This past week was working on undoing the damage from last weekend. I won't be doing that this coming week or any other week. That just creates a vicious cycle anyway including treating Saturday as a treat day.  I'm ok with a treat not the whole day. 

Saturday weigh ins just make more sense for me so that's a fact to build habits around. 

I will get what I put in. Habits must become as iron clad as possible. 

After weigh in I headed to the gym. I love that my gym is pretty cheap plus newly renovated. What I don't love is every long weekend there are no classes the entire weekend. Now they normally don't have classes on Sundays unless it's a special pay extra program. Those can actually be quite interesting but i've never tried one yet. Today would normally have been Iron Reps and Zumba. 

I've read a bit of Superbodies and caught a bit of The Doctors plus I just know that weight training is important to my goal of getting fitter especially now that I'm 40. 

I made up a weight training routine for today using Smart Girls Do Dumbbells but when I got there I realized the gym had also added some new free weights so I readjusted my plan inspired by a trainer I had a few years back. It was at World Health downtown, not cheap and I didn't realize at the time but the workouts were based on Crossfit. I did really enjoy them but a company gym then opened which was incredibly cheap, then I went a site based job. That World Health nor the company gym are open on weekends. Alas Spa Lady (now owned by World Health). 

So I today I did:
Bicep curls 10lbs
Shoulder press 10lbs
Dumbbell thrusters started with 10lbs but too easy, upgraded to 35lb kettle bell
Skull Crushers 20lbs
Chest press 20lbs
Dead lifts 60lbs
Crunches on a stability ball

3 sets - 10 reps, 15 reps, 20 reps 

Plus I walked to WI, then walked 15 min on treadmill, rowed for 5min as a warm up, then walked home. 

I was facing the mirror while doing the weights and the reflection I saw was focused and strong. 

I did keep a notebook of all those workouts I did with the trainer so now to plan something for Monday & Wednesday. A crossfit gym is not an option for my schedule so that notebook will keep me going for now. Then there's always You-Tube.  I found something called Sandbells at the gym today and had to google them when I got home & watched a demo on You-Tube. There is a crossfit gym next to the hangar I fly out of but still not an option being home for 3 days a week. At any rate this was only day one a habit has yet to be established. I am pretty geeked that there will be a crossfit workout at FitBloggin. 

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday. 


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