Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yard conqueror

My workout today consisted of cleaning eavestroughs and leaf wrangling. I say wrangling as when I got to that part the wind was crazy. It would be totally calm one minute then gust like crazy. It wasn't very productive so I mowed them.

The eavestroughs were a workout lugging the ladder around my house and lots of climbing. I also unclogged one of my down spouts. Plus had to tighten the screws one of the brackets. Yes my Daddy raised me to be independent.

I consulted my training plan and it doesn't start till the 9th. That doesn't mean I can't start now. I had thought about going for a run today but I knew if I did that the motivation to clean eavestroughs would be difficult to cultivate. It had to be done today as snow is flying soon like flurries tomorrow.

I keep forgetting that I have an extra long weekend next weekend as I booked Monday off due to next Friday being a holiday.

Food wise so far is a battle as I always find weekends to be a bit of a challenge if I don't have a plan but I'm making a dent and getting my groove back. The battle is won one day at a time.

Cancelled the organic food delivery as their new delivery day does not work for me.

A little sad to not being home tomorrow to hand out candy. I'm hauling another stash to work tomorrow. Last week I brought up 6 bags. Tomorrow it's 7. I must take a picture of my office treat bowl. Last week it was down to practically nothing by Thursday. All these boys definitely like treats.

Alarm is set for the wee hours as I am back on a plane to work tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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carla said...

amen sister.
the battle for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for me is advanced and won one day at a time.