Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last hurrah now down to business

I went to weigh in yesterday, paid the membership fee as it was a better deal then surrendering coupons. Weighed in at 176.6, a 3.8lb gain. Yup that's what I expected. When I got home from Kingston it was closer to 178 so some better habits returned. It just shows I must stay diligent.

I was surprised to learn we're getting a new leader next week. I guess my old leader Tony quit two weeks ago - apparently due to all the travel he does for his day job.

Now I have seen a few leaders. I'm hoping this new person is fun.

Then it was off to the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest, I thought it was better this year but it seemed food wise there was a whole lot of lamb and seafood - neither being my favourite. However I certainly found stuff to eat :)

I did find some cool beverages like a Bellini in a bottle - yummy, also enjoyed this cider that was numbered I think 12 was Strawberry Lime - very yummy, Maple Vodka - yummy and probably good with pancakes and I also liked the Canadian Club pre mixed with ginger ale or cola in cans.

Loved that the aisles were wider but by 8pm it was pretty crowded. Fantastic people watching at this thing and that's probably one of the highlights of going.

I just factored in that I used all my WP and hit my daily target so now the mission is really on to track properly as I have no wiggle room for the rest of the week.

I tried something new for breakfast. I've read a lot about steel cut oats on the blogs but have never really paid attention until I passed these yesterday.

Of course they take longer to make then my instant oatmeal. I started a little late as I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee today and I was running behind so I had toast with some nutella as I just couldn't wait for the oats to finish. Just before leaving she texted that she wasn't feeling well. So I went to the gym and did another week 3 of C25K as I haven't run since Sunday. When I got home I had the steel cut oats for lunch. I like them.

The challenge will be the prep time as I live alone, hauling out the slow cooker for one portion seems a little overboard so I'll just keep it in mind for my Corrie watching fest on Sundays.

The run went alright. When I hit the second set of 3 min it was hard and I had to stop midway through. I just walked for a few more minutes and tried again and got it completed. So I guess I ran for a whole 1.5 min extra.

I work in Calgary during the day tomorrow and fly to camp at 5pm so my plan is to get there and then change  and hit the gym and run again. After all that I'll go find dinner.

Hope you all had a great Sunday.



Fatoutofskinny said...

Love steel cut oats. You can have it cook over night for you without a slow cooker. Bring four cups of water to a boil, add one cup steel cut oats, bring back to a boil and simmer gently four minutes. Turn off heat, put lid on saucepan and just leave it, when you get up in the morning it will be done. I keep mine in the fridge and eat off it all week.

louiserun said...

To speed up the cooking time, add the oats to a pot and soak the oats the night before in the amount of water they need to be cooked in. In the morning, cook the oats in the same pot. The cooking time should be about 10 minutes depending on how many servings you are making. I soak enough oats for about 5 servings. I also freeze the cooked oats in 1/2 cup portions and use in my smoothies.