Thursday, October 06, 2011

Your time is limited..

so don't waste it living someone else's life - Steve Jobs

I find I now find out breaking news via twitter, I'm not sure if that's sad or a sign of the times. Of course Steve Jobs passing away is on every news story around the world. By the way I was on my iPhone when I read the news.

I don't question the genius of Apple or Steve Jobs, after all I own an ipod shuffle, ipod nano (the version before this one), ipod touch, iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 (the phones were not due to a burning desire to own the newest, I had to change providers due to working remotely)  and I desperately covet an IPad 2 (right now hoping to win one via work) and the new iPod nano (it's a reward on my weight loss goals which I'll post on another day). Though I've always drawn the line at a Mac computers as I actually prefer PC. 

The quote above has been mentioned multiple times and what I find interesting are the words "someone else's life". I interpret that as more not realizing your potential. I don't think I'm living someone else's life but I do feel I don't reach my potential and in away I'm coasting. 

I lead a relatively quiet life. I'm shy when I'm uncomfortable and not fond of crowds.Once I'm comfortable I get out going - maybe it's a Gemini thing.  Perhaps it's due to being an only child as I've always been pretty good at occupying myself - rousing games of monopoly with stuffed animals comes to mind and no I didn't always win. My last two boyfriends were found online, I've been single for awhile as I'm not ready to jump back into that world. I might try it again, we'll see. I do work with 95% men but that's dangerous territory as not many wear their wedding rings. I go to an all female gym so that rules that out (it's cheap and makes sense only being able to use it 3 days a week).

Add in the complications of working in far Northern Alberta for 4 days a week. I have zip idea of what's going on in Calgary as we only get Edmonton news up there. (The whole flying to work for 4 days every week was a source of many questions while I was in Kingston). The working away also has interesting impacts on the social network at work. There are two of us a site and our Calgary based team socialize together a lot so they have a separate culture from the two of us at site. I do find I make the majority of my friends at work. The people at site live all over Canada.

While waiting for my luggage at the Calgary airport when I flew back from Kingston I saw a poster for an exhibit of movie costumes at the Glenbow museum that I would have liked to see. It ended 2 days beforehand.

While in Kingston, I got a daily copy of the Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) and I read it everyday. I haven't been that on top of world events in awhile as twitter is not known for a whack of detail and in all honesty it's following Anderson Cooper that gives me the details on that.

If I win this IPad I'd subscribe to Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald as I need to keep informed not just on news but what's going on in my own city. I could subscribe online right now of course and I still might do that but my work internet is archaic (they're working on it) and lunch time would be a great time to catch up on world events. You know I might do that this weekend.

I'm not completely sheltered as the weekend after next is the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest and I'm going to that with friends as it's an awesome way to sort of taste test local restaurants. I do find working away for the most of the week I do go out for dinner more often due to lack of groceries.

I need to shake myself up a bit, as in get out of my comfort zone in regards to weigh loss and general life. I need to get out more. I will definitely go to Fitbloggin 2012 and on a least one of my 3 days off a week I should do something like go to the museum or the zoo or a festival that's going on - heck even a movie wouldn't be so bad.

When I return home this weekend my gym will be closed on Sunday and Monday and I really need to do housework after barely being home for 2 weeks. I'll have to scope out if there's anything going on over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

I think the moral of my post today is I need to stop getting in my own way.

Hope your week is going well thus far.


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