Friday, October 14, 2011

Bit of a bummer

I got my order today - yippee. In the container was a note saying they're changing the delivery to my neighbourhood to Wednesday - not so good.

I've already emailed them about it but their little note was a bit misleading. It starts with "we are adding another delivery day to our schedule along with a new website launch". At this point I'm thinking cool but further down they state "This means the date of your delivery will change from Friday to Wednesday" - crappola. It's one thing to ask a neighbour to keep milk for you, it's a whole other enchilada asking them to store a Rubbermaid container full of groceries.

As I don't land in Calgary until 7pm ish on Thursdays, Wednesdays are just not an option. So providing they say I can't keep Friday I'll have to put more of an effort into scheduling my days off and make sure a grocery run takes place on Fridays.

On other news I got my hair cut today and as the stylist talked about my hair I had a strange epiphany about my weight loss journey.

Apparently my hair lacks protein (probably all of me lacks protein must re-look at that) but I am trying to grow it out to my collar bone. I'm now just at the shoulder. Stylist Tim said I'm at the difficult part right now in growing out hair as it hits your shoulder. Oh yes even though I straighten I now have little flips at the end by the end of the day. The epiphany part is when he says it takes patience to grow out your hair. Meanwhile I'm thinking so does weight loss.

Tomorrow I return to weigh in, my last weigh in was Sept. 24th. According to my home scale I've probably gained 5lbs in 3 weeks. Not proud of myself on that and when that happens I go into avoidance mode. I'm not going to do that though, I'm going to face the scale tomorrow and like I said a blog ago. I need to get serious but what's important is that I also remember patience.

While I love the weight loss reality shows I sometimes think they mess with my head. A 12lb loss in a week is completely unrealistic. In reality losing 1-2lbs a week is completely healthy but every once in awhile you just want this to go faster.

When I have a true heart to heart to myself I just haven't been consistent with my efforts. It's consistency that will get me to goal.

That will change.

Hope you had a great Friday.


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Mrs.Carty said...

Just wanted to say love the blog and I totally get what you mean about weight loss reality shows I love BL and watch every tuesday but it just makes me feel like I must be doing something wrong. :)