Sunday, October 23, 2011

I think I might like this leader

I did not go to the gym on Friday, instead I more or less had a pajama day and caught up on Days of our Lives. I didn't feel any ill effects from being out with the boys the night before I just really wanted to chill.

Saturday I went to weigh in and was down .6. I did not have a stellar week by any sense of the imagination so a -.6 was o.k with me. I definitely get what I put in and last week I didn't put in much.

The new leader is super super outgoing and at first I didn't know if I was into that. Through the meeting I really wished I had a notebook with me as she must have said multiple things that I wanted to note down. I used to bring one with me so I think I need to do that again. She's outgoing but also seems really invested in helping us. She told us she just doesn't want us to lose the weight but also not find it again (been there did that) She even told us about a day she has last week where emotional eating reared it's head and she said life happens. No kidding but the other thing is it's one day. You can recover. I think I'll like her. She's on vacation next week but then will be back the following week. She did mention there are 9 weigh ins till Christmas and that was sort of a kick in the pants.

I had a bit a crazy point day yesterday so a bit of an auspicious start to the week. I was very snacky all day even though I had a good protein breakfast with the reduced fat turkey bacon egg sandwich from Starbucks and my grande non fat caramel macchiato - this is my go to WW breakfast that I eat at the meeting. What messed me up is I knew I was going out to dinner so I was trying for a really low point lunch but thought Greek yogurt alone could sustain me so of course that didn't so the snacking began. Dinner was high points (half a cheeseburger, fries, wine, beer, martini, ice cream) that's for sure but you know what it's okay. I tracked it all and know that the rest of my week needs to be more focused kind of like the 80/20 rule.

I did go to the gym yesterday for a run/walk and tried doing 2min run/ 1 min walk intervals. I have one week till I officially start half marathon training and coming to the realization that C25K must go on the back burner. I have to workout for myself what interval will work for 13.1 miles or 21km. The C25K days are low on mileage. The workout went pretty well I had to take a longer walk break midway and wound up running for 15min in total.

Today I went again and ran for 16min total. I started with the 2/1 ratio but then switched it to 2/2. I was super hot in the gym today. The air conditioning is not so great and it was pretty busy. Tomorrow at site I will run again my mission to increase the intervals and run for longer periods by adding intervals. The half marathon training will focus on distance so it will be an experiment to test out what intervals I can maintain for a long distance. I will also attempt adjusting intervals as I go. My Sunday runs for now on should be outside unless there's one heck of a good reason to do it inside i.e. - 30C. I really can't imagine doing 10 miles on a treadmill.

While I was waiting for the meeting to start on Saturday I did give myself a challenge to stay on plan for 30 days. So that's staying within my points (including weekly) and tracking every day. Last week I tracked for 3 days and then gave up. I've been wobbling for far too long but I don't want to get into a should of, could of mindset. What's done is done I'm on to the present and future.

I also realized I need to give myself some rewards to work for. Previously I was thinking I didn't deserve any reward until I got back to 168 (lowest weight to date on WW) but while sitting there on Saturday I realized I was doing myself a disservice. I need to suck it up and I love techie stuff.

The goals and rewards:
170 - manicure/pedicure
165- new Ipod Nano
160 - manicure/pedicure
155 - Xbox 360 with Kinnect
150- manicure/ pedicure
145- Ipad2
130-140- Tiffany Key

Now the reason I kind of skipped over 135 is for the longest time I considered 140 my goal weigh and then I changed it to 130. I have no idea what I'll feel like at 140 so maybe that will be my goal weight and part of me wants that so I can stop paying and get to goal, do maintenance and then maybe shoot for 130 if that's right for my body. When I get to 145 is probably when I can best judge how much further I need to go.

My workout plan for the week is:
Monday - Run/Walk - goal run 18min
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Run/Walk goal run 20min
Thursday - yoga
Friday- Run/Walk goal 22 min and Iron Reps
Saturday - Zumba and Iron Reps
Sunday - Run/Walk - goal run 24min

Every 2min increase in running is adding another interval.

Bring on the week.



Mrs.Carty said...

I love that you have your goals and rewards that is a great idea that would sure keep me going :)

Fatoutofskinny said...

It's ok to have one meal off splurge if that's what you need, the trick is to get back on plan right away at the next meal..
Love your rewards.....what's a Tiffany key?