Monday, October 10, 2011

Dusting off the running shoes

I did head out today and it wasn't until I was 5 minutes in that I decided what to do.

The 5 min warm up took me to the mailbox and then I decided to try day 3 of C25K again. I had just started this week when I got the cold.

Every other time I've attempted C25K I stop at week 2 so I didn't want to restart at week 2 unless I absolutely had to.

It was rough but I did it. This was the first run for my new Mizuno shoes and my first run outside in a long time.

Week 3 was two sets of 90 sec run/ 90 sec walk and 3 min run/ 3 min walk with a 5 min warm up and cool down.

I will look at my watch every 30 seconds so today I used landmarks. I could look at my watch only when I reached a certain point.

The stats where:
28:31 min
2.17 miles
Pace 13:10- 9:56 mi

I go back to work tomorrow and my backpack isn't packed just yet but everything I need to take with me is next to it.

Tonight I'm going to try something different to deal with not being able to sleep the night before I fly out.

When I was in Kingston I met one of the other participants who travels a lot. She told me to take one pm advil or Tylenol. I found the advil and I tried it once last week and all seemed good so I'm trying it again tonight.

Have a great evening.


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