Friday, October 07, 2011

Back to a routine and building a plan

I head home tomorrow and on Sunday morning I'll be reunited with my Bodymedia and will start tracking again.

I've been away and off plan for two weeks. Next week will be a boot camp inspired return as I need to come to my senses.

My eye must be on the prize from now on. It's far too easy to lapse into bad habits.

Right now I'm visualizing a skinnier me crossing the finish line on January 31st at Disneyland.

I'm thinking about using again. It's a home delivery organic grocery service. The prices are super similar to my grocery store and winter is coming. They deliver to my area on Fridays. I'm kind of liking the idea. Lately I've been leaving the grocery shopping to Saturday and add in weigh in plus the gym it gets complicated.

Plus I want to eat cleaner.

I also must return to running. I left at just beginning week 3 so I'll let my body tell me where I need to start from.

As the gym is closed this weekend I'll have to go outside and I haven't done that in awhile.

It's not a restart but more of a boost.

Hope you had a great Friday


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Fatoutofskinny said...

The home delivery thing sounds awesome, wish they had something like that here.
Great that you are getting back on track.