Saturday, October 01, 2011

The constant traveller

Today I was off to Dad's house. When I got home last night I tried to stay up for a bit as I was trying to acclimate back to mountain standard time.

Woke up at 6am which was alright as I had to do laundry to repack for Dad's. I also needed to zip into Walmart to pick up somethings to bring with me.

I did want to finish laundry before heading out so I caught up on Biggest Loser. So far I'm leaning towards Jennifer on the black team. Mainly because she's never married and no kids which I totally relate to. Is it just me or do you think the blue team will be picked off? I hope not as I think it's important we all know it's never too late to take care of yourself.

My Walmart is still under renovations so it's a bit of a scavenger hunt. Today I see they moved the candy aisle and directly behind it is now the dental stuff, fitting I suppose. I had breakfast at MacDonald's as there is no point in groceries as I'm gone for another week.

I was looking at the monopoly game board and a little old lady handed me another one. Not sure why.

I did not manage my time well as I missed weigh in. I did step on my home scale and I did some damage in Kingston.

I was walking home when another little old lady flagged me down and asked me if I was Shelley. Nope but she liked my black owl lulu hoody.

Then it was off to the Greyhound station. Always interesting people there. A girl having a scuffle with all her stuff in a locker and a guy using garbage bags as luggage yet also had a laptop with him that he carried in the box it came in - not a new box.

On the bus there was a total moron. The guy smelled like whiskey and sat in the very first row. These to Chinese ladies sit behind him. They were talking and then he turns around and says "are you going to talk the whole way?". The ladies apologized and moved, I can't say that's how I would have responded. Then he proceeds to talk to the driver for an hour. Moron.

Read a new mag I found in the shop by my gate in Toronto. It's called Off the Couch, from the same people who publish Oxygen. It's got some inspiring stories.

Now at Dad's and the cats came to say hi. Fred recognized me and purred. He let me pet him, just a reminder these are the " wild cats" my Dad started feeding so they're now his cats. Mama Meow no longer appears pregnant so not sure what happened there as we're holding at 5 cats. 2 of them avoid us (Spook and Max) 2 semi friendly (Mama and Dusty) if you have food and of course Fred.

Hope all of you had a great Saturday.


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