Monday, October 10, 2011

112 days

Until my half marathon in other words 16 weeks and 16 weigh ins. It would actually be 111 days until the last weigh in before I leave for the half marathon. 111 what a good day for a re-start/ recommitment and a new day one huh?

I still had a food holiday yesterday so today marks a recommitment to the plan, essentially I've had 3 weeks ish off plan. I stepped on my scale this morning and boy do I have work to do. I'm hoping some of what I saw is due to water retention as TOM is looming. A little wishful thinking never hurt - right?

I have renewed focus on water today as well as that has been sorely lacking in the last little while.

I'm just finishing off making some turkey chili and then an hour after lunch I'm heading outside for a run. I need to reboost the running as well and think I need to go with 4 days as opposed to 3. I'm trying to plan that out with my weekly travel. The best way to swing it would be run Friday, Saturday, Sunday (my days off) and Wednesday (my days at camp). Now that would be running 3 days in a row which probably isn't ideal but as long as I listen to my body it should work. That makes Monday and Tuesday cross training days. Thursday will be a rest day as that's the day I fly out and flight delays can happen.

I need to put my serious athlete hat on.

When I came home from my Dad's place I tried taking some action shots with my iphone. Not too easy and they often turned out a little blurry or I missed the shot completely but I wanted to share this pic.

Those are the Rocky Mountains and you can see they have snow. I just thought it was pretty.

I'll come back later and update run stats for today.

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving or Columbus day Monday.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Beautiful picture, reminds me of Colorado - we have property there.
Glad you are getting back on track.