Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm so happy it's Friday this week felt really long, probably due to the mega cold and the extra effort it takes to go anywhere. Toque- check, mitts- check, serious winter jacket-check, winter boots-check and take a deep breath and go outside.

I'm also getting closer and closer to my new job and I'm so excited. Tonight I got invited to a drink after work with my new group. I love these people in all seriousness. I'm totally excited about working with my friend K. We are going to do great things.

I had my year end performance review this week and my boss had a giggle over some of my responses to the pre performance questionnaire. I used "I believe I do this to the best of my ability" which in my head means "If you haven't noticed how well I do this already there's no point in my saying anything".

My boxes of office stuff got picked up today so we'll how long it takes to get to site. This weekend I'm starting the site shopping, more or less creating duplicates of all the toilettries I use at home plus stuff like advil, alka setzer.

Then I need to sort out clothes. I want to keep a wardrobe there so I don't need lug a lot of stuff back and forth.

On the weight loss front I'm now in food/beverage cut off for weigh in tomorrow. Tonight I'm super proud of myself. I had my one planned drink (vodka and soda) then I switched to water. Two platters of deep fried goodness landed on our table which included potato skins, dumplings, deep fried zucchini and other things.

I resisted completely, not even a nibble. That is huge for me as I love potato skins.

However tomorrow I will treat myself a little as I want an Egg Nog Latte from Starbucks, I understand there is a reduced fat version as well which is fabulous. The thing about egg nog is even the reduced fat or light is still decadent.

Then it's back to focus as it's two weeks to the Christmas Party.

Hope your friday was super fabulous.



Blubeari said...

Resist like that is so uncomfortable, but it always makes me feel sooooo proud after. congrats- on everything!! Sounds like things are really going well. :-)

Connie B said...

WOW, great job on not partaking in all the goodies on the table!! I think you have more will power than me!!!