Saturday, November 20, 2010

Down 4.2!!!!!!!

Shazaam, I'm back into the 160s by one solid pound weighing in at 169 today. I was kind of hoping to smoke past 168 which seems to be the threshold I have a difficult time breaking but 4.2 in one week is fine.

I wanted to walk to weigh in today which is my normal routine and it's about 8 blocks or so. It was -24C this morning and thankfully no wind. My normal weigh in uniform is a t-shirt and yoga pants. I put my MEC thermal long johns on under my yoga pants and a fleece hoody from Roots on top of my t-shirt and then added the usual winter wear. When I got to WW I removed layers to get to my normal weigh in outfit and then bundled back up again afterwards. Complicated but I was warm the whole way.

So what did I do this week? I focused on protein in each meal.

Total points eaten: 200 (+11 over my daily point allowance plus flexpoints)
Activity Earned: 15

Now I'm 27.2 down from when I rejoined WW in January and down 29 from when I first joined back in the day. There are 7 weigh ins to my one year anniversary of the day I rejoined on Januray 2, 2010. I'll have 6 as one lands while I'm away visiting my Dad.

My goal for next week is 2.8 lbs, I'd really like to hit 30lbs down. I think this is doable if I stay focused on tracking, water and activity. My activity tapered off towards the end of this past week.

After WW I headed to Walmart to start collecting what I'll need for camp. Oy vey it's not cheap setting up a second life. I just sort of went aisle to aisle plus picked up stuff I need for home. It will be totally worth it since I won't have to cart stuff back and forth. I had thought I'd take a cab home and then realized cold weather = long waits so instead I opted for the bus. I hauled my mega shopping bags to the bus stop and waited for the one that brings me closer to home. It felt like weight training.

I still have a few things to pick up that I can't get at Walmart that I'll collect over the next week and then I should be good to go.

Workout wise today I think I'll finally unwrap the new Mari Windsor pilates. K has been doing it at camp and tells me she really enjoys it. I'll give a recap tomorrow.

Have a super Saturday.


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Connie B said...

Holy Moly!!! I wish I could lose that much in one week! Congrats to you! -28...that's TOO friggin cold!!