Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being all techno savvy

For the past few weeks I've been trying to remember the password to my wireless router. I wanted to add my iphone to my at home network. I've tried every variation of my go to passwords and nada. Obviously I've thought of something brilliantly secure that I can't remember it.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and reset the router, which was fine until I tried to get a wee complicated and then I undid my complications and now I'm sorted. I was so tired of the whole deal I couldn't blog.

The week continues to be decent plan wise. The scales is getting lower and lower with one day left till weigh in I'm committed. I've tracked every day. Activity took a little vacation for the past few days as snow shovelling and bundling up seem to activity. My focus has been on food.

I've been really focusing on protein and making sure to have it in every meal. I'm kind of trying to follow the new WW plan without really nowing anything about the new WW plan as I'm counting based on my current plan.

In other news it's been fully socked in winter the past few days. It's snowed daily and a been a wee bit chilly. Today on the way home it was -27 with windchill. On the bright side I got confirmation from the snow removal people that I've hired them and they technically started yesterday. So I quit shovelling now and see what happens.

I have a plan with my friend C to go Christmas Party Dress shopping next Saturday so that's motivation to keep focused for another week. Thus far the plan for New Year's is more of a pajama party then a get all dressed up so the focus after that will just be to get to goal. I still want to be at my lowest weight to date by New Year's and then use Vegas as the motivation to take it to the end.

On Thurday it's my good bye from my current work mates and I think of that with mixed emotion. I'm excited to start the new opportunity but I'll miss these guys.

But boy the shopping list for camp keeps growing, it's completely like setting up for a second life.

Alright that's all I got.

I hope you all had a great past few days.


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